Being a Working Mom – # 6 of 7 Parenting Mantras that Helped my Sanity

Becoming a mother was the biggest happiness of my life. A day I had longed for since forever. I love kids & I have always loved kids. Having my own was like achieving everything I ever dreamed of. But still there was something missing. Every-time I saw a working mom wonderfully managing & balancing between professional & personal life, I used to feel inspired as well depressed at the same time.


Before I delivered, I had a very active passionate professional life. In 2012, I was totally exhausted & fed up of the corporate job I was into. It was a great job – a good profile, great salary, awesome boss & a supportive team…. But I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t doing what I always wanted to do. so I left the job & joined fellowship program of Teach for India. Those 2 years were the best 2 years of my life. The intellectual conversations, the passionate work, the like minded people, those emotional connections with kids… I was missing all that once I was a full time mom. A very close friend of mine – Mansi Sud (Click to check out her awesome Instagram Feed) who is a Dentist & a Major at Indian Army always motivated me to start working again. Motivated by her, I did… and that’s been the best decision so far.

Being Gentle


Here are 5 reasons why being a Working Mom totally Rocks!!


  • Initially I was spending all my time with my daughters. Needless to say at times it got overwhelming & I was not always a happy & optimistic person with them. But ever since I have got back to work, whatever time I spend with them they have my undivided attention. My bond & connection has got even more stronger. As a parent I believe more than the quantity of time, what should matter is the quality of time. Although I work almost 10 – 12 hours a day out of which 6 – 7 hours are when they are at playschool or are sleeping. Having time away from kids doing something for my own development definitely helped me be a sane & better parent.


  • Now that I have more to do in life & am doing what I love to do, I am more calm & positive as a person. I am getting to meet & interact with like minded people & gather more knowledge. This has made me more equipped as a professional. Being into the sector of early education it has also given me a chance to meet & learn from experts into the field of Early Learning & Education. This helps me to design more focused & fun activities for my daughters. Happy kids is happy mom, isn’t it?



  • Ever since I started to work again, I feel more confident in myself. Now that I can juggle & manage a home, kids, their education, my work, passion for writing and a small home run business – all at the same time, I feel like I can conquer the world. This happiness & positivity in turn helps to work better & improve every day. The more I take up, the more capable I feel of taking up more!


  • I am financially independent & that’s the best thing about working. I hated the feeling of being dependent. If not for becoming a parent, I am sure I would have never taken even a single day break from work. Then why was being a parent taking away that privilege from me? I was very sure that I would start working only if I would get a job that can pay off for education & other expenses of both my kids. I would have never compromised with a part time job or work which didn’t match my caliber. I am not only able to do that, but much more. This financial independence, that I had missed in those 2+ years of not working is the best thing that happened to me. I was able to send my daughters to a playschool I wanted them to go rather than compromising on that front.


  • I would not want my daughters to grow up believing that it’s OK for women to give up on their dreams, aspirations & careers for their family. I want them to know that balancing between passion, work & family is not only possible but also being successful in all front is too. I think by following my passion & working towards it, I can be a better role model for my daughters. Being a working mom, more than anything was a response to this idealist in me.



This blog is written as a part of a series of 7 blogs on the theme of 7 Parenting Mantras that Helped my Sanity written as a part of Bar-A-Thon 2017.


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6 Responses

  1. Isha Batra says:

    Beautiful write up with an important message..thank you for sharing

  2. zainab says:

    All your points are good and valid, the last point being the icing on the cake!

  3. gravadee says:

    Awesome read, the picture on the side with your daughters is so adorable

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  4. Mansi says:

    Awesome Shalu … and you need not to teach your daughters anything ..They are observing you as they have role model right at home … and you already had that spark in you … and now I am so happy to see you all so busy and happy!!!! Keep up the good work and even sky is not the limit ..God bless !!!!

  5. Archana says:

    Very well explained dear..n its true…happy to read ur thoughts..keep writting

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