I will keep listening, forever & ever!

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She still had 4 hours before her scheduled time to meet Shashank, enough time to get ready & reach, but her indecisiveness took over Suhani once again. “What should I wear? Should I dress up casual or a little traditional? Should I wear makeup or go with a No-Makeup look?” She was totally lost.


There was a time when she was ready at a notice of mere 20 minutes when Shashank called up and asked her out for coffee. Slip on the most comfortable jeans and T-shirt, wash the face, brush the hair & she was ready in 5 minutes to go out on a coffee date with him. But today even these 4 hours seemed insufficient to her. Anyways, she somehow managed to decide what she wanted to wear – a Lakhnawi short kurta on rugged jeans. Shashank always loved that look on her. Although she wasn’t sure if he will still love this look on her. There was only one way to find out.


When she reached the cafe they had decided to meet at, Shashank had already reached and was waiting for her outside the cafe. In her own thoughts as always, Suhani walked past Shashank. It’s only when he called her name “Suhu” she realized it. They went inside the cafe & ordered their coffees. The usual – Cappuccino for Suhani & Americano for Shashank. The preferences were still the same after all these years!



“How’s work going Suhu,” he asked a minute after they settled into their chairs. Suhani started to talk about her work & how a project she deserves went to another person just because he was really good at buttering the boss us. She did not realize when she suddenly got so comfortable & went on and on about how much she wants to move out of her current job & current city.


After 10 minutes she realized Shashank was sitting in front of her, with his face rested over his fist, looking at her, smiling & listening to her jibber jabber. She felt a rush of emotions pass through her & suddenly she was blushing. They both smiled at each other. Suhani went silent.


“Keep talking Suhani. I love listening to you. I have always loved listening to your stories”

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