What is Homeschooling?? The Myth Buster!!

The concept of homeschooling is catching on a lot these days and a lot of parents are willingly taking their kids off schools and homeschooling them, while a lot others are still sending their kids to school but keeping the locus of educational control more home centric. When I first heard about homeschooling, I had a lot of questions running through my tiny little head – Does it replace Formal Schooling? Is it meant only for special kids? Can homeschooling and formal schooling go hand in hand? Will it hamper the social development of my kids?

So to answer all these questions, I started reading and researching on the topic. I was really curious to explore the possibilities of it working for me and my kids. I was already into the idea when I got to know that one of my favourite Actor-Director-Producer Natalie Portman, who can speak 6 languages was a homeschooled kid and later on went to study Psychology at Havard Univrsity.

But there are still a lot of taboo and misconceptions around Homeschooling kids. Let us try to dive in and see what exactly homeschooling is as against to what’s believed otherwise.

Myth No. 1 – Homeschooled kids are less social and isolated.

The fact is that the formal school setting categorise kids according to age to teach them particular curriculum, whereas for a homeschooled kid there is no such age criteria and thus is exposed to all age groups to assist learning.

Myth No. 2 – Homechooling kids are special needs kids.

The fact is any parent who can justify educating basis the learning needs of their kids can homeschool and doesn’t necessarily mean the kid is shy, introvert or special need kid. Sometimes even parents who can’t afford formal education or are located in a remote location prefer to home school their kids.

Myth No. 3- Parents can’t teach as good as a teacher can. 

Well, of course a teacher is more equipped with knowledge and modern methods of teaching and a school can afford teaching aids than otherwise people can’t, but with proper research and dedication, even parents can do a good job at teaching. And these days all Leson plans, curriculums and resources are available online to help tutors and parents to succeed as a teacher. Moreover, a parent knows the development and leaning needs of thei child like no one else does.

Myth No. 4 – If a child is Homeschooled, he / she can’t go to school or college.

That’s not true. A lot of parents send kids to school but do not rely solely upon the school to educate their kids. And well, not all schools provide exposure to all areas a parent might want their kids to be exposed to. In such cases, parents can take charge themselves and while continueing normal schooling, can let homeschooling be the major source of learning for their kid. As far as colleges are concerned, different countries have different policies, but if parents abide by the policies and local laws, it is very much possible for homeschooled kids to get into mainstream colleges too.

So, now that I am convinced that Homeschooling is not a bad option, and I am also advocating it, will I end up Homeschooling my kids? May be… May be not…. Only time will answer this. But one thing this Dreamer is determined to do is – Homeschool one kid who can’t afford formal schooling due to family’s economic conditions. A lot of us sponsor education of kids of our maids and labours employed by us or our families. They still end up going to a low income school and recieving below average eduction while they may have much it her potential than that.

So why not adopt one such kid and spare an hour or two daily to homeschool them, expose them to a more relevant world, show them around……May be he / she ends up to be next Kalaam sa’ab or next Nelson Mandela or may be just end up as a very average responsible citizen who can provide well for himself an his family.

Image Source – thebetterindia.com

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  1. Nice concept, shalu. Wasn’t really aware about it. Homeschooling may take time to find its relevance in India. I liked the idea of adopting a kid and educating him. It something we all can think of doing.

    Keep writing ?

  2. Surely. Will get in touch with you, if need be?

  3. very nice concept…
    I have small kids too and would love to follow you in homeschooling
    please keep on posting

  4. Hi Concept is good and definitely homeschooling will have edge over schoolsschools, but how it should be applied in India? Whom to approach and real tools eg websites may help

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