I want to be Shakespeare when I grow up!

As a child, I was always into books. Bullied kid, socially awkward, introvert & shy, Geek, Nerd – These were the labels attached to me when I was a little girl. It never bothered me because I had my books by my side to comfort me & take me to a world of imagination way better than the real world.


At the age when other kids used to demand chocolates & toys as incentives or rewards for their achievements, my demands were mostly books or a visit to our Residential Club Library. Being born in a small village & having spent most of my life in a very small town, the desire to see the world was fulfilled by books.I always aspired to read better books & to be able to someday write my own book.


The first story I wrote was kind of my own biography, but ever since I wrote it, I always aspired to someday write stories that people will read, appreciate & know me through my stories.


I think its time!! It’s time I share my stories with the world & work on my fiction writing skills. It’s time people apart from just my friends & family too read my stories. It’s time I work on my story writing skills & make them better for readers.


So, this April, I plan to publish 26 stories and see how the world reacts to them! I know I can never be even an iota of what Shakespeare was, but I can write my heart out & probably win some hearts this April!


And what is it that I am wanting to gain out of participating in the April A-Z challenge??

  • I wish to publish an ebook to begin with. That will give me a fair idea & experience for someday being able to publish a book under some publishing house!
  • I wish to attain a better Alexa ranking for my website so that it reaches more readers.
  • I wish to be known as an Author & not just a Blogger.
  • I wish to expand my area of writing. I have been writing opinion based & factual articles on Parenting, Education & Social Causes. Now I want to step out of my comfort zone & write poetries & Fiction too!
  • And more than anything, I wish to make people who have invested in me – their time & energies – people like my father, my mother, my teachers, my friends who never fail to motivate me, my partner proud of me & my whatever small achievements I have!


I am taking the Challenge of April with Blogchatter, Are you?

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3 Responses

  1. Super Shalu!!! Looking forward to your stories and poetry too. I have read few and you are awesome at that too.

  2. Misha says:

    It’s happening very soon.. all of it.
    You are on perfect track and working super awesome
    All the best
    Justice your eyes a little and I ll always be around

  3. So nicely written.. All the best dear.. Im sure you’ll do it..

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