The Unforgettable Teacher – Teachers who impacted us for life

We all have that one teacher, and sometimes more than one, who have that huge impact on us. A teacher who no matter how far or out of touch with us, we can never forget that person because of the way they touched our hearts and defined a part of what we are today.


A Good Teacher

Takes a Hand, Opens a Mind

and Touches a Heart. 


When I became a teacher, I wanted to be THAT memorable teacher. I do not know how successful I am in doing so. Even after 3 years of not being a school teacher, my students still call me, come to meet, wish me on my birthday, anniversary & Teacher’s day. The real test would be if even 30 years from now they do remember & respect me the way they do today, I would say I was successful in creating the impact I am talking about.


the person who gives us valuable life lessons doesn’t necessarily be a school or college teacher. There were a lot of teachers in my school and college days who have left positive impact on me, but the person from whom I learned the most was Mr. Prashant Limaye.



Mr. Limaye was my first boss when I started to work post my MBA. It was a time I was fresh out of college & most of the knowledge that I was so proud of was just bookish knowledge. The initial few days when it was just talking & impressing others, I probably nailed it. But when the hard reality of professionalism hit, I started to lose my hold on my professional self. I was struggling to stand up to the image I had created of myself – the smart go-getter, the persistent never give up person. He at that time held my hand and taught me the ABC & even XYZ of professionalism & corporate world. I flourished under his leadership – I scored 2 promotions in 2 consecutive years in just the first few years of my job. This was his impact on him.


He is the first true feminist I had met in real life. Till then feminism was all in the books. I under his guidance realized that if I believe in myself, there is nothing that can stop me or pull me back. Well, there has been no looking back ever since – all thanks to you sir.


I asked a few friends who their favorite teachers were & why. Let’s hear it from them.

Misha, who is a Post Graduate in Fashion from Pearl Academy and today successfully runs her business of Organic Beauty & Skincare products range – Ang-Tatva remembers her best teacher – Ms. Ramnik Dhillon.


Ms. Ramnik Dhillon


I am not associated to the field of education, but my teachers who have been pillars of my knowledge and confidence are still the ones I adore. There is this very fine Senior Lecturer in Pearl Academy of fashion “Mrs. Ramnik Dhillon”. Without even exaggerating, she is one of the most calm & composed tutor I ever had in life and the way she connected with her students when she was our mentor in our Final Year Project, It was beyond what any regular teacher would do. We could reach out to her with our most complex queries anytime and she will resolve the query with a blink of her eye, leaving us in an awe on why we couldn’t think of this simple solution ourselves. But I believe that’s because no one can ever match her. She is such an amazing person that even today i can reach out to her anytime without having second thoughts of whether she remembers me or not or whether she will extend the helping hand or not. Of course she will!. I wish her all the best in every thing, though she is already at her best. Also i will always wish to become at-least a fraction of what she is.


Anindya, a mother of 1-year-old twins, who owns all her  learning in life to her teachers that she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher herself remembers her mentor / teacher / family friend Ms. Geeta Srivatsan on this Teachers’ day.


Ms. Geeta Srivatsan


When I flip back the pages of my mind on this day, I can visualize the whole array of teachers who have been a part in shaping me as a person I am today. Among them I specially thank Mrs Geeta Srivatsan- (my best teacher) for coming into my life. Having her as our family friend in the beginning and then my teacher, I understood many aspects of life. Not only academics but she dealt with the humane aspect of each child. Her caressing ways and loving nature makes her the most loving teacher among her students. She imparted education free of cost and she still does today, but never can you see pride in her face. Her face is forever adorned with a million dollar smile and a sense of calmness surrounds her. Though belonging to the richest strata of the society she has initiated a team for many rural educational projects and is also working towards educating children and women in the nearby villages. It indeed takes a big heart to be so humble even after reaching such great heights.

Till date if I have any problem I seek her advice and she takes out time from her busy schedule to guide every student who needs her. She herself has set an example before us as to how a teacher should be. And today being a teacher, I consider her as a role model in shaping me to become the person I am.

I also thank my mother (a teacher) to be the best friend and guide at every walk of my life.
Happy Teacher’s Day.


Kavneet, who is a great example of perfect balance between a successful career & being a great mother remembers her teacher.


Ms. Shailesh Bhandari


If there is someone other than a person’s family who help molding them into a better personality it’s the teachers. It’s them who a child looks up to as an example, and it’s them who shape an individual into better human beings. I owe a lot to my teachers and to name one as my favorite is like selecting pearl from an ocean full of pearls. I still remember each of my teachers name who have taught me since nursery. The one whom I can select as best from the other best teachers is Mrs Shailesh Bhandari, who was my class teacher in Xth. Apart from teaching concepts of physics and mathematics in lively manner she focused on all round development of students. She tried to make us all independent in our day to day life asking us to own each and every activity/ task being done at home
She is currently the head mistress in another school and I wish her lots and lots of success


Lubna, a serial entrepreneur, a loving wife & mother of 3 is an inspiration for many out there. But who is she inspired from?


Ms. Neeta Mahajan


My favorite teacher, my mentor, Mrs Neeta Mahajan. She was my teacher in B. SC and taught us food and nutrition. She is an inspiration for me. I inspire her way of living. Always smiling, small lessons of life, her way of teaching and making the subject more interesting , her take on how to fight on circumstances without being a failure or negative.” We can’t have everything in life, but we have much more than others.” Her words always keep me motivated when I feel I am going low. How amazing a girl can be, how she describes what we are and we can do. We aren’t less than anyone in the society especially Men. A very down to earth person, always smiling and always blessing. I so much adore her and each and every word by her to me, means a lot. Blessed to have a person like her


So, who is your favorite teacher? And what is it about them that inspires you?


Featured Image – A collage of images from playschool where my daughters go. The teachers are so loving & caring, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


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  1. Happy Teachers’ Day to you ?
    It’s so nice to know that you’ve had such wonderful teachers and the experiences that taught you for life!

  2. alpanadeo says:

    Thats an awesome read Shalu. I liked the way you drafted the entire post. My mom was a teacher and I have seen even after she got retired, how much her old students love her and greet her whenever they meet or visit my place. My mom always says, these kids were so little and now they are parents. We can’t recognize them but it feels so good when they come and talk to us.

  3. Misha says:

    Supperrr.. thanks shal.. posting it

  4. Of course I loved reading the blog,buying Bowles over with he creative idea ! Wonderful concept ?

  5. Aesha says:

    This is such an excellent post. I was a teacher too, it is definitely heartening when your students remember you. i like the manner in which you have compiled messages from others too in your post. teaching is definitely a very rewarding profession.

  6. Each of these are true to the words of Nicholas Sparks “They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don’t know it”
    Lovely writeup shalu ?

  7. Dr Bushra says:

    My favorite teacher is my mother Her lesson and love will enlightened my path through out my life

  8. A humble thanks to all my beloved teachers who inspires us a lot.

  9. Jiya B says:

    Such a beautiful post this is. Remembering teachers on teachers day. I do remeber my chemistry class where sodium peice use to bump always and My lecturer use to call me. beautiful Memories

  10. All this is so nostalgic it makes me miss all those amazing teachers have had in my school colleges and otherwise

  11. I really liked the way you have written not just your own thoughts about your favourite teacher but have also gathered the view points of others. Wonderful post.

  12. Really teachers play a great and important role in building up our bright future. And its also very great that everyone got a teacher like you got in your life of learning. Teacher’s words of encouragement gives us strong strength to move forward and achieve success.

  13. Being a teacher I can totally relate to this. Teaching is a blessed job.
    Beautifully written ?

  14. This is such a heartwarming post! I miss all my favorite teachers from school and college! I will surely try to contact them now❤

  15. Vaidehi says:

    Happy teachers day dear.My aunt is a teacher and even though she is retired from her job she continues to teach kids of poor people free of cost.

  16. Anchal says:

    Happy Teacher’s day to you:) Such a beautiful post

  17. This is a bewutiful post.. being a tr I got too emotional here

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