My grandfather passed away when my father was merely a year old. We never got a chance to see him or get to know him, but still I know what he looked like. I have a distant cousin whom I have never met, but we speak to each other & are in touch with each other. Despite the fact that we have never met, I still know what he looks like, what leisure time activities he enjoys, how crazy he goes at vacations. How? Well, that’s the magic of photographs.


Photographs are a very important part of everyone’s life in general, but for me they hold a very special place. To me they hold a special importance. I have a whole shelf full of albums, pictures & prints of photographs right from my childhood till today. Ever since I was a young child, a school girl, I loved to click, print & preserve the pictures & memories.



Photographs are best way to look back in time & be transported into the moment that you had once lived. They evoke nostalgia like no other thing. And it’s one of the best way to freeze a happy, exciting, memorable and sometimes even sad moments forever. I don’t remember how many times I must have seen the pictures in my wedding album to feel like that young bride once again. I almost everyday go back in date in the digital albums & see pictures of my daughters when they were small babies to feel that warmth once again. Whenever I miss my mom, I look at albums from my childhood & relive those memories once again.


And every time I have a rush of emotions – sometimes they bring a smile on my face while a few other times I have tears in my eyes. We all sometimes in life wish to go back in relive “That” moment again in life. Our best shot at it is photographs. Plus it’s easier these days. With cloud backups to mobile & web applications such as Instagram, Facebook etc, it has become so easy to share & save pictures for ages without having to worry about the pictures getting spoiled. Well, I personally love & prefer printed pictures over digital ones, but in an age where we click millions of pictures of every big small thing we see, printing all is not a great option anyways.


So pictures & the memories they create are my treasure. What about you? What is your treasure? What is it that you love & preserve and sometimes ever hoard more than anything else?


Apart from Photographs, one more way of preserving & looking back at memories is by writing them down in a Journal. Read my review on MATRIKAS Creative Women Journal. (Click for direct link)


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