The Bump Celebrations – Throwback to my twin pregnancy!

The Bump Celebrations – for everyone, their pregnancy is unique & one of the best experiences of their lives! Although I had a very complicated pregnancy and was rarely ever allowed out of the bed, I remember being the happiest even with whatever little movement I was allowed.


And these days when I see all the moms organizing the amazing photoshoots, baby showers & shopping for their babies, it makes me so happy also makes me nostalgic! And then I see events like The Bump Celebrations – a recurring online event for moms to be and I can not help but wonder, how amazing would it have been if something like this was available when I was expecting Milie & Buddy!

A free-of-cost pre-natal event that has such amazing session experts from the field of lactation, yoga, nutrition, infant massaging, cloth diapering, mindful pregnancy, and whatnot.

Yes, all this WAS available when I was expecting, and I DID go for all these sessions, but I remember paying a hefty amount for this, and I had to travel to a pre-natal center every week for all these sessions. Lucky are the moms to be right now who are getting all this on their screens from the convenience of their homes. And that’s such a blessing especially right now, with the COVID situation.

And not just the FREE sessions, The Bump Celebrations is also offering a lot more than just that. A downloadable pregnancy manual, vouchers of pregnancy & new bord brand vouchers, product hampers for moms, free baby shower planning ideas, hospital bag checklist… the list goes on and on.. Whoa! Now I am feeling nostalgic AND jealous.

Expecting mommies reading this, do not miss out on this opportunity.

Check out & register if you are an expecting mom or share the link with someone you know is expecting a baby & can use these sessions!

Registration link


Also, read about my complicated twin pregnancy and why I could not have a baby shower or any fun HERE –


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