Learning with Stickers – Home Learning activities by Bhakti

Recently I co-hosted a contest “Fun With Five Senses” which was about doing activities on the theme of our 5 senses. (Read the review of Flintobox – the sponsor of the activity HERE) One of the winners – Bhakti Bavishi had done some great learning activities that looked so much fun for kids. Her Instagram account (Click to see her awesome Instagram Feed) is full of such learning activities which can be easily replicated by all mothers to make learning fun for their kids. I requested her to share a few with me to be able to share with my readers as well because she loves designing these activities. So, here are some great activities that can be done using STICKERS.  Let’s have some sticker fun & hear what Bhakti suggests.


Bhakti with her kids – sticker activity on theme of national flag




Who doesn’t love stickers?? Am sure every kid loves them and is always looking for more in their favorite color ,cartoon character or shape.


My twins who are over three years now love stickers ever since they were 10 months old. Just gave them a sheet and a paper they would randomly paste on the paper. Initially I used to help them with peeling the sticker and soon they started to do it on their own. Big size embossed stickers are recommended initially and later on move to plain medium to small ones.


Stickers are a great learning tool as they enhance and strengthen their fine motor skills and are a great pre-writing tool as they strengthen their delicate fingers. It helps in their sensory development as one side is sticky and other smooth. So they can identify which side to stick. It in a way develops their texture recognition skills as well.


There are a lot of varieties of stickers available in the local stationary shops. I use different colors, shapes, types (glittery / foam / embossed / plain) to create different activities for my twins.The best part is these are simple and easy to make and quick too. They are also great option while travelling to keep the kids busy and easy to carry in their busy bags.


Let us have a look at the activities that can be done & skills that can be acquired using stickers

1.Shape Tracing


Start with drawing a big shape and kids can fill them with stickers. Gradually move to smaller shapes to build their precision. Teach them how to cover maximum area.


Then move towards tracing the outlines of these shapes and reducing sticker size from medium to small.


Also tracing of different shapes / lines with small stickers to different understand shapes can be done as a variation to this activity.


2.Understanding and Differentiating sizes


Draw outline of small and big size of the same shape or pattern. In the image below  I have drawn big and small circles according to the stickers available. They have to identify & in later months / years say big or small and stick accordingly.


This will help them in comparing and differentiating different sizes of the same shape. You can also add one more size and teach degrees of comparison like small / smaller / smallest or big / bigger / biggest.


3.Differentiating Shapes & Colors


Here i have drawn outlines of different shapes according to the stickers and they have to identify the shape and accordingly paste the sticker in the given shape. This helps in visual discrimination. This can also be done with stickers of same shape but different colors to help them differentiate & identify colors.



All these activities can be done in a lot other variations. How a kid learns depends on their personal interest & things they love to explore. For my kids it was stickers, for your kids it might be something totally different. Identify that interest & explore it to help your kids learn.



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  1. Amazing….very creative….kids always luv to learn in playway method, especially if it’s colourful !!

    Also the activity is explained so well along with it’s variation!!

  2. I loved the activity, so much fun. Early childhood education has such activities which not only help a child learn something new but help the child to memorise a new concept for life. Loved the post.

  3. What all we can do with stickers..awesome. my daughter love stickers since she started pre School. I remember she used to take two sticker everyday on each hand before going to school. And even her teacher realized her love for stickers so she would come home with two stickers. I will try this activity with my son and will surely forward it to my friends.