Transitioning from Home to Daycare – How to make it stress-free

The best place for any baby to be is the comfort & warmth of their mother’s arms & lap. But if we keep emotions aside for a moment and think practically, every child has to go through the phase where they have to move out of the comfort of their known environment & known people – whether it be Daycare, Pre-school or School.


The biggest monster to be tackled while starting daycare or preschool is managing the “Separation Anxiety” of the child. My daughters started their pre-school 4 months back & thankfully they had a very successful transition. There was not much of emotional meltdowns & crying. Within 3 days they were both happily settled.


Well this was not a co-incidence. There was a series of tips & tricks that I had to adopt to make sure that once they start the pre school, the transitioning is smooth & stress free for both of them. Well, of course they had an added advantage of having their sibling with them all the time & that helped them.


I shared my experience of how I transitioned from Home to Preschool & ProEves published it to share it with other moms for benefit of all the moms who are planning to start their child’s Daycare of Preschool soon. Please read the article HERE (Click for direct link to the article)


If you are still looking for and have not yet finalized a Daycare or Preschool for your child, and are worried about finding rhe best daycare after listening to all the incidents happening around, please read the article on How to find a Perfect Daycare / Preschool that is safe for your baby HERE (Click for direct link to the article)








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