Stain On The Whites – A Mommy’s Biggest Nightmare!

Stain On The Whites – A Mommy’s Biggest Nightmare!

Isn’t that true? Every time I have to make my kids wear whites, I have a wave of anxiety knowing what the condition of that pretty white frock or that Oh! so smart white shirt is going to be by the end of the day. And don’t even get me started about the panic attack I almost have everytime the whites are out when it’s a rainy muddy day!


Well, there is a great solution to this that I recently discovered when I was invited to Panasonic India’s office for a Master Class cooking demonstration by the exception, the famous Chef Micheal Swamy.



The event began with an address by Mr. Gaurav Minocha who heads the Sales & Marketing team of Panasonic & his team telling us about the wonderful range of products such as microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines etc they offer that make lives of moms like me easier. The hassle-free zero oil cooking technique using their Microwaves, which was also demonstrated by Chef Micheal during his master class when he prepared a whole meal without using even a single drop of oil. Not even that, fried snacks such as fryums that kids love to snack upon were prepared without using a single drop of oil.


I was in complete awe looking at their innovative products. But one product that was the STAR for me was their Stainmaster Washing machine. Which brings me again to the opening statement of this article!



The washing machine is designed keeping the specific Indian needs with food stains such as curries, chutneys & pickles in mind (and it seems like my kids and their clothes were a part of their research too – NO ONE can stain their clothes better than my twins do anyways)


After the Masterclass by Chef Micheal was over, a demonstration of washing a stained napkin used during cooking that was covered with ketchup stains just blew my mind. I remember watching my mom hand washing clothes when I was a young child. Washing machines were not very popular at that point of time & I remember her lathering up the water to create as much foam as possible before soaking the cloths. “Aisa karne se kapdo ke daag ache se nikal jaate hain.” (*By doing so, the stains in the clothes come out faster) I remember telling me the logic behind it. That day when team Panasonic explained me the logic behind the foam wash technology, I could so relate it to the logic my mom & all ladies before washing machines were popular used while soaking & washing clothes. Who doesn’t want clothes are not just clean looking but also free from bacteria! I have no doubt a technology like this is one of the best for our Indian mommy needs.



And with different capacities & so many different washing modes (more than 15)  I am now totally convinced that my next washing machine is going to be the Panasonic Stain Master! Hopefully, my biggest nightmare is tackled & I do not have to worry every time my kids wear ehites& come home with clothes full of stains.

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  1. Tell me about it! I love the color white and I think Boys wearing Whites look super cool, but Alas! even before we enter a party, he white shirt is stained! Because of this I hardly buy Whites for the kids ? Our Moms Logic always always work and I am glad Panasonic uses this technology! For our next Washing Machine Buying, I am sure to check this one out ?

  2. I get flustered just at the thought of getting my kids to wear whites. This looks like a great solution. I will check this washing machine soon.

  3. White is my son’s favorite color, ask him which dress he wants to wear and his answer will be white shirt. And I am very bad at removing stains, I just can’t spend hours soaking and then hand washing to remove the stains. And the result, we have bought the same shirt thrice now. I think I need this washing machine if you say that it works wonders in removing stains.

  4. I’ve always planned days ahead before I make my daughter wear something white so as to assess the least chances of staining it. This looks like a nice solution.

  5. What a wonderful share. This is such a great product by Panasonic. I am sure this is gonna end all our worries with stains especially around kids clothing. Thanks for sharing