The day I was reborn – the day I became a Mother!

“Didi, I think it’s time! You should be going to the hospital now.”

“Now? It’s too soon. The 7th month has just ended. I think I have few more weeks before I need to go to the hospital Aarti.”

“No Didi, believe me. I am a mother of 3 and I know what a labor looks like. Please call bhaiya & go to the hospital.”

“No Baba Aarti, I dont have any pains yet. How can this be labor?”

“Didi, Please listen to me. Please go and talk to your doctor. If nothing come back & have rest. But please do as I say. Go to the hospital didi.”


This is how the story of my Twins being born begun. I was all alone at home with my day maid. My mother was far away & even if I asked her to come down in emergency, she wouldn’t be here before tomorrow. My husband was working on a demanding project which he wanted to finish off in few weeks before our kids arrive. But here I was – My arms and feel swollen, breathless & panting, wet in my sweat in the cold month of November. She was pretty sure it was labor pains & I did not take a change & listened to her. I called up my gynecologist & told her I am coming to the hospital. She asked me to directly come to the labor room. I called up my husband and asked him to meet me directly at the hospital, took a cab, asked my maid to be home in case we need anything from home.


I reached the hospital only to realize Aarti was right. I was into early labor. I was in 34th week of my pregnancy & because I was carrying twins, the gestational age of each kid was even less. I was scared – scared of the unknown and scared of what was about to come. The king of complicated pregnancy and the pre-pregnancy surgeries & health issues I had, I was mentally prepared for even the worse to come. Thankfully my Gynecologist – Dr. Asha Sharma as always was there to make sure I am calm & informed. I was told that they will have to delay my labor by means of IV medications because there are chances that my twins have not yet reached the stage of lung maturity & might have breathing troubles at birth. I was suppose to be given Surfactant for their lung maturity which takes 24 hours to work. I was happy in a way – now my mom can be here when I become a mother!


My mother left to reach us as soon as she heard the news of my hospitalization. And here I was, in pain, trying to keep calm while my husband was running around for documentation, bed reservations etc. The night was the longest & the toughest to pass for I knew what’s to arrive. I had decided that I will opt for a C-Section delivery considering I am a diabetic and carrying twins. I did not want to take any chances. Little did I know how painful it is going to be.


Well, on the contrary, I never felt so calm & at peace with myself & my body. I couldn’t stop looking at my belly & admiring the bigger than ever baby bump, the stretch marks, the inability to see my toes. I will never ever experience this again in my life. I was in a way sad that my pregnancy was ending sooner than expected. But on the other hand a new chapter was about to begin – the chapter of being a mother – Mother of Twins.


Next morning, I was taken to the operation theater. Thankfully my mom arrived an hour before the surgery was planned. Till now we hadn’t revealed to anyone in the family that I was carrying twins. This was high time we told my mom about it. She was confused…. Confused & shocked & happy & angry… all emotions at the same time.


Outside the room there was a whole swamp of different people. There was a paramedic team, pediatric team, people from stem cell banking and of course my Gynecologist & her team member. My husband was outside with my mom while I was taken inside. The scariest part was about to begin – The spinal block. I had heard about it and expected it to be really painful. But it was not as painful as I expected it to be. My tolerance to pain is very high and I was expecting it to be too much pain, may be that’s whty I couldn’t feel much pain.


A paramedic took his mobile out & put on a playlist of some songs. I still very clearly remember the whole playlist even almost 3 years later today. When they were preparing me, the romantic song from Dabbangg movie was playing. The moment my first kid arrived, one of my favorite song “Pehla Nasha” was playing. I don’t know if I was nervous or I was just too happy, I was humming the song while the Para medic – a young boy in his early 20s watched me in amazement. “You are doing really good” he kept telling me while holding gently patting my shoulder & forehead to comfort me.


The moment my second kid was out, I saw a bit of panic & movement on the other end of the room. “All well?” I asked my doctors. “Yes, nothing to worry about.” Dr. Asha said. I still didn’t know the gender of my kids & I didn’t even ask as at that moment I was distracted by the movements on the other end & people surrounding my second born. Aaaiiinnnn I heard a loud cry… Later I got to know she did not breath for a while after she was born & doctors were clearing her lungs out to make her cry.


“Shalu, You are blessed with two daughters. They are really pretty.” Dr. Asha told me. The helping staff cleaned them up & gently placed them on my arm. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. They were so small, so delicate. They were like a dream come true. I always wanted my twins to be daughters and here they were. “They will need to be taken to NICU for their checkups & observation Shalu.” I heard them saying & then they were taken away from me. May be she sensed my anxiety & sadness thus she started to chat with me. “Have you thought of any names yet?” she asked me. I joked, “Initially we thought we will name them Asha & Ila for you and Dr. Ila.” I said. Dr Ila if the fertility specialist who made motherhood possible for me.


“Oh no. Please don’t name her Asha. She will curse you through her life.” she laughed. I laughed with her. I finally told her, “We have already decided their names. They are going to be called Saisha & Shriya.” She loved the names as much as we did while deciding on the names.


This is the story of how my princesses arrived and made me a mother. I will soon write a part 2 of this article about the post delivery experience as that’s a whole different story full of drama & emotions. Keep your bowls of popcorn ready folks!!!




P.S. – This blog is written as a part of The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 organised by The Write Tribe.


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  1. What a lovely birth story and I guess it was great that your maid could take a guess that you are in labour and you heard her that day..lots of blessings and love to Saisha and Shriya ?

  2. Shalu I felt as if I am sitting in front of you hearing the story or witnessing this beautiful journey of urs. Bless saisha and shriya forever. I loved every word. Specially where you have mentioned pehla nasha..

  3. Wonderful written, the whole scene got live , it’s cool u got to listen to romantic songs while giving birth, god bless u, Ur maid n ur twins

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  5. So well written Shalu. It’s amazing that you remember every detail with such clarity. I keep thinking I should write my own birthing story but I never get down to it and some of the details are already starting to get hazy.

  6. It was a beautifully narrated story. Loved the whole post especially the aaiinnn part.. and pehla nasha:-) waiting for the second part now.

  7. Shalu it was so exciting to read your narration of your birthday story. Full of energy and excitement. S n S are super lucky to have such a strong mommy like u

  8. Wow its a beautifull story that i have ever read about birthing a child. You penned down each and every moment with very beautiful words. The best part is “pehle nasha” ofcourse. Give my regards to shriya and saisha.

  9. A very sensitive and emotional post. I could feel how you must be feeling at that time. Going through lobor and giving birth is the most difficult and emotional phase. It brings unlimited joy and happiness after going through so much pain.

  10. You have shared such a beautiful story.It took me back to the day I gave birth to my baby boy.I really loved the title of the post .. The day I was reborn.

  11. I am not exaggerating when I say my heart skipped a beat in a couple of sentences. Being a mom I can so understand the emotions you have gone through. I am eagerly waiting for the part 2❤❤❤Oh and the girls have beautiful names ???

  12. I could imagine your experience. Songs in OT sounds fun. Must have made you feel better. I had a talkative sister standing on my head all through the delivery. I wish we had a music system there. That would have been better.