Quick & Easy Summer Drinks for Kids!!

With the day by day increasing heat, plain water is not enough to quench the thirst & provide the nutrients lost due to summers for kids. So, this summer, let’s make drinks fun for kids with these 5 quick n easy yet yummy homemade drinks.


Aam Panna

Aam panna is an Indian drink renowned for its heat-resistant properties.

How to prepare – Wash raw mangoes & steam in a pressure cooker till mangoes are completely pulpy.  Remove the pulp and add cardamom powder, salt & jaggery to the pulp as per your taste. Blend smooth in a blender. The Aam panna mix is ready. Whenever thirsty, add one spoon of this mix to a glass of chilled water & it’s ready to be relished.


Nimbu Shikanji


A great source of vitamin C, one of the easiest to make drinks, Nimbu Shikanji is one of the best summer drinks we all associate with our childhood.

How to prepare – Add sugar in water & stir till completely dissolved. Slice lemons into half & squeeze in the water. Add black salt & jeera powder. Garnish with Mint leaves & tada, its ready. Takes 2 minutes to mane & yet the tastiest summer drink.


Kokam Sharbat


Kokam not only is a great refreshing summer coolant but also helps in digestion & improving appetite. Thus it makes for a great before or after meal refreshments in summers.

How to prepare – Soak dried kokam in hot water to cover until soft. Using a blender or food processor, puree with cumin seeds. Strain the puree, discarding the solids. Boil water with sugar to make syrup. Add the strained puree to the cooled syrup and mix well. Add 1/4 cup of the mixture to a large glass of ice-cold water and mix well. Serve chilled with ice.


Mango Almond smoothie


An easy, delicious & healthy recipe…. Low fat, Vegan & nutritious.

How to prepare –Peel and chop some mangoes. Crush few pods of cardamom. Add chopped mangoes, almonds, crushed cardamom, sugar & ice cubes in a blender. Blend smooth. Pour in tall glasses & garnish with mango pieces & mint leaves. A quick, easy & healthy drink is ready to be relished.




Why go for just the regular options when this quick & easy fancy option is available too. Guests are coming over – here is a quick & easy summer drink option for them.

How to prepare – Peel and slice a pineapple. You can also get sliced pineapple from the market. Add sugar & blend smooth puree in a blender. Add coconut milk or coconut cream and add coconut water or just regular water & blend again. Add ice cubes, garnish with chunks of pineapple & serve/consume the same day.


Masala Chaas / Buttermilk


If you don’t have a sweet tooth & don’t like all these sweet drinks, don’t worry. Buttermilk if your answer to the heat of summer.

How to prepare – Put curd, water, ice cubes, roasted cumin powder & black salt in a blender. Whip it just for few seconds at a time till a froth starts to form.  Put in glasses & garnish with coriander leaves & serve/consume immediately.


Keep yourself hydrated & have wonderful summers!!!

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