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My daughter Miss M is very fond of her comforter. She can not sleep without it. Even when she is up, she needs it on her lap for few minutes before she is completely awake. It used to worry me at times when we used to go on outings, as I always had to carry that same comforter for her which she has been using for over 2.5 years now. I tried buying few more & giving her, but she never accepted those & when sleepy kept asking for her favorite “Blue Aeroplane Blankie”


So when Rags to Quilts approached me to get her products reviewed, I immediately said yes when I realized they have personalized comforters. I thought to myself, this is my chance of introducing a comforter to her which she might love basis her own preferred characters & let go of that old rag. When Rags to Quilts approached The Dreamer Mum little did I knew it’s a venture by 2 sisters from Bangalore – Bishakha & Indrani, who turn out to be my childhood friend. When they got to know I have two kids, they were generous enough to send out 2 comforters of great quality – one each for my both daughters.

A little about Rags to Quilts



Rags to Quilts is a home based venture started by two sisters, one a mom of 2 & the other who has been working with & for kids as a teacher for 18 years. One of them heads the design & the other handles the marketing. With an intention of providing best yet affordable fabric products for moms & their babies and with the motto of “Sewing with Threads of Love” these two sisters have been putting their heart & soul into their products.


Their focus is to up-cycle fabrics rather than just buying heaps of them & then hoarding. They customize & personalize according to preference of the customers so that everyone gets what they really wish for! Being a responsible citizen they are, they make sure to use all 100% cotton eco-friendly fabrics & material for making their products. The founder of Rags to Quilts – Bishakha says her 6 year old daughter Radhika who is environmentally concerned & full of creativity at such tender age is her inspiration behind starting this business. The concern that plastic bags are harming our environment & that the fabrics are being thrown away when they can be re-used & recycled gave birth to this business idea.


What products they offer apart from the comforter



Their product range includes the following apart from these beautiful comforters.

  • Winter Quilts
  • Memory Quilts using old sarees, bed-sheets & discarded apparels.
  • Sling Bags
  • Utility Pouches
  • Phone Charging Units made from fabric
  • Hopscotch Mats
  • Yoga Mat Bags
  • Fabric Toys
  • Cushions
  • Remote Holders

This is just a small list of what they create on large scale. They also create a lot of other products on demand basis what a child or parent needs.


What sets them apart

Where all the big brands are selling machine made quilts & comforters at a very high price – products that all look same & has no personal touch to it, Rags is Quilts is providing customized & personalized products at a very affordable price. Everything they provide is handmade – of course made with a lot of care & love. Their fabrics are all 100% cotton thus suitable for Indian climate. The personalized factor is not just to the level of characters, but their personality too (Read more on this in My Experience with them subheading)


What also makes them different is that they focus on utility & soul of the product rather than just the flawlessness. Not being factory made product that’s made 100s in number and all same, Rags to Quilts products are hand painted & hand stitched, thus no 2 products will ever look same. Thus what you have is what ONLY you exclusively will own.


How much do the products cost



The comforters that are sent to me for review cost 1200 Indian Rupees each. Their products ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 2000 based on what & how much personalized you need it to be.

How to order their products


You can get in touch with them on phone / WhatsApp on 9483531179 / 9880277224 , mail at and you can also follow them on Instagram.


My experience with them & their products



Till the time I did not receive the products, I had no idea what is being sent to me. Bishakha asked me few questions about my daughters – their preferences & personality & that was it. When I opened the package, I loved the comforters at the first sight of them. It was only when my daughter pointed out I realized the level of personalization that has been done in these comforters. My daughters looked at her comforter & said, “Mumma, see Peppa has a brush in her hands. She is painting. My Peppa.”


My daughter, who loves to paint & is a big fan or pink color received one with Peppa with a paint brush in her hands. And my other daughter who calls herself princess received one with a wand in her hands & tiara on her head. They both love their comforters & I thank my stars that she has given up on the old “Blankie” which is soon going to be a part of her memory quilt I have decided to get made from Rags to Quilts.


The material is very soft on skin, easily washable & eco-friendly. The choice of colors are pleasing on eyes & needless to say, the creativity & talent is immense. The size is perfect for my 2.5 year old daughters which can be easily used till 4 – 5 years too easily. For 1200 Rs, it is a great product with amazing value for money.


Dreamer Mum’s Rating


I would give Rags to Quilts a rating of 5 out of 5 because I could not find any flaw with either their customer service, their business philosophy or their products. I loved their comforters & the hand painted patch work of Peppa Pig that my daughters are so dearly in love with lately. I would soon order more products for home as well as myself to try & would try to review them as well.



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  1. Aditi says:

    Looks amazing and I find them quite affordable as well

  2. Fabulous Mom Life says:

    So pretty. Do they undertake embroidery/applique designs as well?

    • The Dreamer Mum says:

      Patchwork, applique, block print, embroidery , machine and hand stitch – katha – All the techniques they use… you imagine something & they conceptualize it for you! Very talented bunch of people I must say!

  3. Priyanka says:

    Wow…it reminded me of my own childhood blankie. I think my mom still has it somewhere in her house. It is a nice venture!!

  4. Namrata K says:

    This is so pretty 🙂

  5. Mayank says:

    Thats some, nice work going on

  6. Those are some beautiful comforters. It is so heartening to see that they upcycle fabrics. This is a much needed service. I’m going to look them up soon.

  7. sarianu says:

    That was very intrinsic review. Inspiring and elobtative

  8. Rashmi Pandey says:

    Thanks for the review Shalu. Time for me to order some stuff for my niece n nephews n Little M

  9. Richa says:

    Wow this looks so pretty and amazing use of discarded products because they are most soft.


  10. alpanadeo says:

    Wow.. I recalled my daughter’s childhood days.she had her favorite blankie that she used to carry everywhere.
    Comforters looks pretty and colorful. It will definitely attract kids.

  11. amazing even i would love to preserve my baby clothes this way …

  12. Ekta says:

    Many parents look for personalized products foe kids.. I know of someone who makes divas and blankets from your child’s clothes that she has outgrown.. but I’m good condition. Fantastic idea:)

  13. Jiya B says:

    I loved the concept of making personalised comforters. Would love to try this for my daughter. thanks for sharing.

  14. I really like the concept of personalised products. These are meant for special ones. These are also best for gifting sumone. They have fabulous different products in reasonable prices. Thanks for sharing these stuffs.

  15. Looks like they have an amazing range of products

  16. the quilts looks so pretty!! Would love to try their products – the concept looks so new.

  17. Anchal says:

    This was a great review. I like their products. Will surely check them out

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