A whole new side of me – How parenting changed me!

Every new phase that comes in life brings new challenges. But with these new challenges also comes the opportunity to learn something new. Parenting as a phase in my life came like a storm. No actually like a tempest – two in one.


I was blessed with double the happiness at one go. When my twins were born, I knew nothing about parenting or being a parent. I had no idea how to bring up a kid, let alone a set of twins. But as the journey kept progressing, the parenting instinct, the journey & some awesome fellow moms taught me a lot. I was the same yet a totally different person before I became a parent, but today it’s fair to say that parenting has changed me a lot and changed me for good. So here are some ways in which parenting has changed me.


  • I realized how big a feminist I am – I have always been a feminist in my head, but was never as conscious & vocal about it as I am today. After becoming a mother of 2 daughters, being financially dependent for almost 2 years, and being back to self-dependent I realized the importance and true meaning of feminism. The reason I always call myself and my husband as Parent rather than Mother or Father is that we both are playing the role of being primary caregivers as well as bread earners equally.


  • I know how it feels to be judged thus try not to judge other parents – Let’s face it. We all as parents have been judged for our choices & actions. Also, we too have judged other parents a lot of times for their choices & actions that don’t concur to ours, right? Thankfully I realized the power of positivity over negativity. An incident where I as a parent and my child were scrutinized & judged lead to anger that channelized into creating a campaign called “Don’t Judge”. 100s of moms shared their stories & still continue to do so over Instagram. You can read these awesome stories HERE. A few years back probably I would have just sulked, cursed & gone back to my regular life after such incident, but being a parent, a responsible one, I realized the importance of change that needs to be brought about in the mindsets.


  • I realized the importance of community – Oh Yes! The sisterhood of motherhood! I could have never been able to be a happy & successful parent if not for a few communities that I am a part of. My Twin mommy gang at TWINDERLAND is my zen place. I can open my heart out without any fear of being judged in this group of awesome twin & multiple moms. After I started blogging, I made so many friends with whom I can have any kind of conversation ranging from nonsense rants to super intellectual conversations. The group MOM BLOGGERS UNITED is key in my current professional growth.


  • I constantly aim towards becoming a better role model – Now that I have two kids around who constantly imitate my behavior & look up to me, I try to become a better human by each passing day. I try to eat & live healthily, I try not to harm the environment in my individual capacity, I try to be more compassionate towards animals & humans, I try to make responsible choices as a parent and as an individual.


  • I have more meaningful conversations & relationships – Coming from the previous point of being a better role model, even the kind of conversations I have has changed a lot. The conversations have moved from poop to education, from cute clothes to social causes, from baby food to physical, mental & emotional health etc. And thanks to these meaningful conversations, even my relationships have improved a lot.


  • I have discovered my purpose in life – The biggest and the best change I think parenting has brought along is that I have finally found my calling, my bigger purpose in life. I was associated with the education sector long before I became a parent, but lately it has gone from being a passion to a mission in life. Before being a parent I was physically and mentally working dedicatedly for economically underprivileged & special needs kids, but after experiencing motherhood, I feel an emotional connect with the cause. Early education was a knowledge for me back then, but today it is a first hand experience. I used to implement ideas tried & tested by educationists back then, but today I experiment & develop my own unique methods and if they work, talk and write about them. I used to wonder how I fit into the puzzle of education sector, today I know what piece I need to work on to complete the picture of inclusive education & early learning intervention.


And that’s how my parenting experiences has changed me!! 



This post is a part of the blog train started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies. Pooja has networked to bring together 41 moms across the GLOBE.



Thank you, Alpana for introducing me. Alpana, who blogs at mothersgurukul.com is a great writer, even better singer & an awesome mother to her children Shreya & Om. You can read the story of how the journey of motherhood changed Alpana HERE.



It is my pleasure to introduce the next blogger in the series – Rakhi Parsai, who blogs at www.lifethrumyeyes.com . Describing her journey, Rakhi says, ” I am Rakhi, mommy to an adorable and inquisitive 5-year-old munchkin. While I am obsessed about reading, I also take out time to talk with the plants in my terrace garden and decorating my home when time permits. Besides being a full time-time mother, I also double up as a communications professional and a blogger who intends to be a keen storyteller thriving on sunshine.

Over the years I have to keep two things constant, my quest for acquiring knowledge and passion for storytelling. My professional journey, spanning close to a decade, has been interesting where I have risen from mentee to a mentor. Lifethrumyeyes has been a place where I have learned to be a dreamer and always intend to remain so.”


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14 Responses

  1. It is wonderful to see how parenting brought out the feminist in you. What a timely post on the International Day of the Girl Child. More power to you.

  2. agree.. I’ve stopped judging other parents for the decisions they take for their kids!!

  3. Sharvi startmoms says:

    Shalu, more power to you mommy, I’m blown away at how being a mother led you to not only do amazing things for your children but educate other mommies too and how you turned all negatives to positives by starting the Don’t Judge series, I’m no one to say this but somewhere this mom in me is very proud of you and happy to know you.

  4. I can relate with each and every word written in this article .. Being a parent makes and brings so much of positive changes in you and so true about the gang of like minded mothers.. All the best Shalu you are doing a great job and many moms look upto you I hope you know that

  5. Oh … Kudos to your feminist thinking. I agree with all pointers about motherhood. Really it helps in nurturing our relationships. Happy to join with you on this blog train.

  6. Aesha says:

    Shalu , after reading your post , I felt as if I am speaking my mind. I have also found a purpose to my life only after motherhood.

  7. Love the point where we should not judge others. I have not experience being judge to my face before but I’m sure many have judged me in their minds. I, myself have been more conscious on my thoughts as we are all mothers wanting the best for our kids. Let’s be kind to one another and support each other! Great initiative #don’tjudge!!!

    Jamie chaw

  8. Sushi says:

    I totally relate to the feminist part. It’s amazing parenting g gave you a voice! You will be an inspiration to your lil one.

  9. This is so so relatable Shalu! We become better versions of ourselves all because our kids are watching us and we need to be good and the best for them

  10. Richa Tiwari says:

    So nice to read about how parenting has given you a newfound purpose in educating underpriviledged children. It’s such a meaningful cause. Kudos to you!

  11. May says:

    Oh Yes! The community! It’s what helps new moms stay afloat I absolutely believe in that!

    I am also on the blog train and will be publishing my post on the 25th of October! Follow me at http://www.instagram.com/mmlittlee and http://www.fb.com/mmlittlee!

  12. Harshala says:

    Shalu! This is a post for all the mothers out there! You wrote on their behalf. Almost all mothers have gone through the similar phases from being financially dependent to finding the purpose of life… I can relate to everything… I took up Diploma in Early education this year so that I can change the Indian education system and homeschool Ira.

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