What!!!! You, and Depression??? No Ways!!!

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Unless someone like you who cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better, it’s not.  Dr. Suess (The Lorax) You know what’s the most alarming thing about depression? 1 in every 4 person is likely to have … Continued

The Post Partum Devil

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“We are not rich people dear. We are not even middle class for that matter. How can we afford a full time maid or nanny? You will have to manage kids on your own. Get a local day maid for … Continued

Alternative Sexuality – A Parent’s Perspective

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Few days back I was watching NEWS when I heard a hate speech by a very influential political figure against the LGBT community. Of-course, its not new to us, right? We keep on hearing some or the other person, whether … Continued

Structured play for kids! 

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Having a free play time to explore surroundings and please senses is very important for growing kids, but having structured play is also equally important for the growing brain. Structured play can also help toddlers being occupied in fun activities … Continued

Let’s talk “Appropriate vs. Inappropriate touch”

As an Indian parent, the most difficult part of parenthood is considered to talk to our kids about their bodies, sex, appropriate touch and inappropriate touch etc. Although things are changing lately, still a lot of us try to avoid … Continued

Here’s why I love Dr. Seuss books!!!

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While growing up I never had the privilege to get to know about this awesome children books author named Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel, or otherwise famously known as Dr. Seuss. The first time I got to know about him was … Continued

Prerequisites – Before the fun of Homeschooling begins!!

Well!!!! That’s true, Isn’t it?? The life lessons, hacks and skills that experience can teach us, no books can ever do. And that’s why a lots of parents choose to either Homeschool their kids, or inspite of sending them to … Continued

Homeschooling – When to begin?

Before we get into when to homeschool, the first question we all need to answer for ourselves is – Why do I wish to homeschool my kids? We need to address ours and our kids’ need for homeschooling. Is my … Continued

What is Homeschooling?? The Myth Buster!!

The concept of homeschooling is catching on a lot these days and a lot of parents are willingly taking their kids off schools and homeschooling them, while a lot others are still sending their kids to school but keeping the … Continued

“I” versus “Me”

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I, a mother of two toddlers, was an educator – a Teacher, before becoming a mother. The skills I acquired during my stint as a teacher have definitely helped me be a better mother than otherwise I might have been. … Continued