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Talking to young girls about Puberty

We all pay emphasis on talking to our toddlers & preschoolers about good & bad touch, but when it comes to talking about sex, puberty & menstruation, we shy away from talking. This article will give you a starting point on how to talk to your girls about puberty & menstrual cycle.


The Inspiring Dreamer – Aditya KV

Sometimes regular people living a regular life do something extraordinary in their life that becomes an inspiration for all of us. “The Inspiring Dreamers” series is dedicated to such ordinary people with some extraordinary work. Here is story of Aditya – Founder of UMOYA Sports

Mama Earth27

Mama Earth Baby Range Products – Review

Ever since MamaEarth products have been launched in India, they have been the talk of the town – and for all good reasons. The Dreamer Mum decided to try the products out for her daughters. Here’s the review of the much talked about “MamaEarth Baby Range” products.


Adoption over Pregnancy – A whole new breed of parents!!!

In recent years as science has progressed, People who are struggling with conception have a lot of options – IUI, IVF, Donated eggs & sperms & a lot other Assisted Reproductive Treatments, Surrogacy etc.

But there are a lot of parents who are going a step ahead & adopting kids. This blog is dedicated to such parents – A Whole New Breed of “Heart Parents”