Outings with kids – 5 essentials to carry!

Outings with kids are a bag of mixed emotions – an exciting joyous experience that comes along with a tiring experience that also calls for planning & organizing skills to be put at work. I believe in minimalist travels & outings approach thus don’t pack too much stuff while moving out, especially because with twins I anyways have a lot to handle and an additional bag becomes a headache at times. I believe in a Minimalist approach when it comes to outings & traveling & try to carry as less hassle as possible because anyways managing twins when out needs 4 hands & 8 legs.

Having said that, there are few things that are absolutely necessary to be carried along, no matter what the age of kids is.




1. Snacks & Water – Yes, the essential part of a baby outing, whether the baby is 3 days old or 3 years old is their feeding essentials & food itself. From formula-fed kids (bottles, water & formula) to babies on solids, snacks & water is a must to be carried even if you are out for an hour with kids. And it’s not always about hunger. Sometimes snacks serve the purpose of keeping the baby engages & entertained also.


2. Spare Clothes – Whether it be younger kids who tend to spoil their clothes more often while feeding or burping to kids who are being pottied & Susu trained, carrying spare clothes is always safe while out with kids. Well, that’s if you do not wish to rush back home in a hurry in the middle of all the fun.


3. Diapers / Nappies & Wipes – Starting from the time the baby is a day old, until the time the kid is comfortably past the potty & Susu training phase, one thing that is extremely important to be carried along is the combo of nappies, diapers & wipes. ANd even after that, it’s only the nappy & diapers that are crossed off the list. Wipes are an essential for mums & babies until a much later age. After using polyester based wipes for almost three years for my kids, I am thankful that finally, we have 100% organic Bamboo based wipes available in India by Mamaearth. Enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Aloe vera, I found these to be one of the best baby wipes (of course I use it for myself as much as I use it for my kids).


4. Weather Essentials – Sunscreens & umbrellas for summers, Lip balm & moisturizers for winters. Babies have much more delicate & sensitive skin thus needs to be taken a lot of care of. An outing today should not turn out to be a nightmare tomorrow. I never forget to carry my MamaEarth – Mineral Based Sunscreen for my daughters when we go out on a sunny day.


5. Toys / Puzzles / Books / Activities – I can never dare leave my house without at least one activity or toy for my daughters to keep them entertained either while traveling or on the destination in case they are uninterested in what everyone else is doing. Busy bags, art kits & puzzles work best for us. Sometimes I carry books and read to them while on the wheels. Activities, books & toys are a big savior and a must for outings.


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  1. alpanadeo says:

    This is a good checklist for the items. I will add mini first aid kit too to this list. We never know when we will need the meds.

  2. Very useful tips.. i always carry sunscreen which is a must hv. Mamearth products r so gud an toxin free too

  3. Neha says:

    My kids are a bit older, but I still swear by carrying enough snacks and activities

  4. perfect short and sweet list for toddlers!. sunscreen or the mosquito repellent is a must for us too

  5. Sunscreen is a must even in winters and we are using almost the same products .. Activities and books are saviour

  6. allaboutmommying says:

    I have saved this for future use! very informative and glad you have made this list to make our jobs easier

  7. This is a perfect list of all the necessary items to be carried while travelling. Wipes and mosquito repellents are a must for our travel. I also like to carry a small blanket while travelling long distance.

  8. These are the best tips for travelling with children.Wipes and toys are life savers.Sharing online everywhere.

  9. This is a really good list with essentials though I have a much longer and exhaustive list!

  10. Soumaiya says:

    Love Mamaearth using the other few products and literally swear by them

  11. Short and sweet kinda list!! Perfect..Mini med kit and sanitizer is what I have extra ?

  12. These look great!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this

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