My New Go-To website for Party Gowns for my girls – Myntra

Being a mother of Twins is not easy. But apart from the very obvious reasons to be difficult, there are some silly reasons that make parenting 2 girls of same age a big challenge. One of those silly yet important reasons is buying clothes for them. Going to the mall with them to look for some great Gowns for Girls when needed, is a big task. Getting similar matching dresses, as I prefer dressing them up in same clothes, is a challenge too when purchasing from the mall or local shops. Thus I have come to realize that Online Shopping works best for me.

There are million e-commerce websites when it comes to kids clothing, but I cannot trust all of them when it comes to quality of material & ease of ordering. For me what matters the most is not only the product that arrives but also the quality of service provided – return policy, refund policy, friendliness of the customer care etc. Myntra is one of my favorite websites when it comes to purchasing party wear not just for my daughters, but for me as well.



With more than 100 brands to choose from, the variety & choices are practically unlimited. With famous brands such as Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Bella Moda, Cool quotient etc, I am always assured that I will receive nothing but the best for my daughters when I order from Myntra. Ranging from mere 250 Rs. per dress to exotic party wear worth 5000 Rs per piece, they have clothing for all occasions – in all sizes & colors, making it easier for me to fall back on the website for clothing for all occasions, whether it is a wedding, a festival or just a family vacation.


Filtering & finding the desired gowns & dresses

The ease with which one can look up what they are looking for at Myntra website makes it, even more, user-friendly & preferred e-commerce website for shopping for the little princesses. I remember when my daughters turned 1; we had decided that all of us would wear matching clothing – my husband, both daughters & me. It was pretty easy for me to shortlist a blue saree for my from Myntra as I was a regular buyer at Myntra for myself. But by then I had never ordered party wear or party gowns for my daughters from Myntra, but just regular wear & casual clothes. I decided to try my luck.

To my amazement, it was much easier to filter & find what I was looking for. All I needed to do was fill filters of age, color, material & viola, there were all beautiful options in front of me to choose from. I ended up buying the dresses that made my cute munchkins look like such pretty princesses.



Tracking, Cancelling, Return or Exchange at Myntra

With kids growing up, the sizes & fitting is usually an issue at one go when you buy from e-commerce websites. That usually is a big discouragement when I decide to buy Party Gowns for my Girls. But thankfully the policies at Myntra are so user-friendly that I need not bother much. If at all the dresses that I end up buying do not fit to perfection, I do not have to worry much. The Myntra representative picks up the package from my home at a time that I specify is convenient for me. I can choose if I want the refund in my bank account or get Myntra Credits, which makes it easier and convenient for me. The refund is usually credited within 3 – 7 days of the package being picked up from my place. Because of this convenient & easy return policy, I usually end up ordering multiple options so that I can see what fits & keep that & return / get exchanged the rest of it.

Have you ever explored Myntra’s website & bought from them? If not, I would highly recommend you give it a try. You will be a happy & satisfied buyer just like I am.

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