Never Say Goodbye!

“They say saying Goodbye is the most difficult thing to do. And yet, here I am going through the same emotion all over again.” 


She was just sitting there in the empty room staring at the walls & the curtain-less windows alternatively. Saurav couldn’t understand why Shalini was getting so emotional about this. It’s been 8 years she hadn’t even visited this place & still so much attachment! Why? And although her parents were selling off this house, they were still going to be there in the same city. She would any day be able to visit the town & can see the house from a distance if she wants to.


On the other hand Shalini wasn’t able to understand why Saurav was being so inconsiderate about her emotions coming out in form of tears. But they both knew they are people poles apart in terms of feeling & expressing their emotions. Thus as always they both let the other one be.


“Do you know when I was leaving from here the last time, a day before we got married I was feeling absolutely the way I am feeling right now. I shut myself in this very room and cried for hours hugging the walls & the curtains. I still can not believe a strong head woman like me can sometimes get so emotional.” Saurav now probably understood what she might be going through. He looked at her & gave her a love filled smile.


“Here, in this very spot, there used to be a sofa chair, I used to sit here & talk to you for hours and hours. All those romantic talks & dreadful fights we have had, this room is the witness of all those moments in my life Saurav.” He knew what is expected of him at this time. He got up, went to her & hugged her. She cried with her face dug inside his chest. This is what she always wanted. For once she, the man she loves & her childhood home where she grew up – finally they shared a moment together!




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2 Responses

  1. alpanadeo says:

    So nicely written. Place where we create memories always remains close to out heart. Thats so sweet of Shalini’s husband to understand the unspoken words and giving her the support she needs at that very moment.

  2. Aesha says:

    Oh yes! I experienced this when my dad decided to sell our home too, luckily my uncle bought it so I get to visit it .

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