My A to Z of Parenting

A is for Autism Parent – Being one taught me the value of multitasking, patience & selfless love.

Talking about being one gave me much more courage in life to handle it!


B is for Babywearing – For sparing my hands from all the pain & giving my girls the joy of horse riding even without a horse around!


C is for Caffeine – To those endless cups of coffees & cans of Red Bull that kept me going those initial days & months!


D is for Didi – My cook who is god sent! My daughters call her “Amma” as in Grandmother & she loves them like her own grandchildren!


E is for Early Education – Keeping them busy in age appropriate activities gave me some time & privacy to poop, pee & take a bath!


F is for Formula Feeding – It didn’t matter to me if it was my breast or a bottle of formula as long as my daughters were fed & healthy!


G is for Grand Parents – My kids are growing up without any, but there are many substitutes around. It’s not the DNA, but the love that matters!


H is for Homeschooling – Mumma used to be a teacher before we were born & bored after we were. So she used us as her subjects & entertained herself by homeschooling us!


I is for Involved Father – Long live fathers like our Daddy who let mamma breathe & have some Me Time by helping her in taking care of us as good as she would.


J is for Just & Fair – With Two kids you can’t afford to have favorites! God bless parents of Twins & Multiples!


K is for Kitchen – And those million meals I prepared, some of those were relished while some ended up in plate of the street dog!


L is for Love – And those selfless hugs, kisses & cuddles. No matter how difficult life is, everything looks simpler for those moments!


M is for Me Time – Bless those who made YouTube, Netflix & Comedy Central! Mamma has some Me time that she takes out from her sleeping time!


N is for NO – No matter how much I avoid saying the word, I end up saying it 10 times a day!


O is for Optimism – A trait that taught me no matter how long they take to eat their food or poop in the pot, it’s all worth it at the end!


P is for Play Dates – Well, sometimes mamma needs it more than babies do. Keeps them happy & gives mamma some breathing ranting time!


Q is for Questions – Those millions whats & hows & whys, that sometimes are so cute, sometimes surprisingly intelligent while sometimes utterly nonsense – But always in abundance!


R is for Reading – For the love of books that passed on from mamma to the twins, we can’t sleep unless we read a story together!


S is for Self-Feeding – For not making me run behind you with a plate in my hands, tear in my eyes &pain in my legs!


T is for Twinderland – A Twin Moms group I came across that changed my life – gave me life long friends & all the support & love one needs in life!


U is for Understanding – When life gives you a partner so understanding, everything else looks simpler & doable!


V is for Vacations – The train, the plane, the car. The food, the shopping, the fun. We can never have enough of those!


W is for Working Mom – Thankfully I am one! All play & no work was making mamma a dull person!


X is for Xylophone – And all other musical instruments – the drum, flute, shakers, piano & many more which are played for 4 hours a day & kids can still go on & on!


Y is for Yabber – And all the Jibber Jabber that gives me a headache sometimes, but so much joy most of the time!


Z is for zzzzzzz – All those sleepless nights, from day one till even today. So, Ba bye! Good Night!




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2 Responses

  1. Zainab says:

    Loved the post! C is caffeine and I love my caffeine! Me time is so necessary:)
    When my kids were small no YouTube or Netflix ( I’m ancient!)
    But now I love it ?

  2. Aesha says:

    Loved it Shalu!! Indeed A To Z of Parenting. I love the zzzz… And R for reading

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