From Morning Tea to Evening LIT – The Goa Diaries 2017

If there is one thing that I am unable to stop talking about for last 11 weeks, it is the recent Goa trip I took with my girlfriends. The plan was spontaneous and even we were shocked as to how “Let’s go to Goa & get drunk” said in sheer frustration actually materialized into an unforgettable vacation. The reason the title has 2017 specifically written is, that I intend to have a series written (which means I am planning to go on vacation with my girlfriends every year at least once)


In case you are wondering what good will travel with Mom Friends bring, head to the awesome post vacation blog written by Nayantara to find out the Reasons you Must Travel With Mom Friends.


For me, the highlight of the days we spent was the early morning tea (accompanied with masala omelet) as well as the late night conversations over pitchers of Long Island Ice Tea. Well, usually they say, “Conversations are best accompanied with coffee.” Well, “They” have never sat down for a Chai time conversation with their friends apparently.


The sun was rising a little late for us every morning (well, blame it on the cocktails from the previous night) The breakfast in this open restaurant right on the beach was a great way to begin our day. Over Chai & Masala Omelet everything was being discussed. From business to schools for kids, from husbands to ex-boyfriends, from previous vacations to postpartum blues – everything was discussed. The Socrates & Plato inside us was coming out in bits & pieces.


And don’t even get me started about the evenings. After spending the day lazying around the pool or on the beach, it used to be time to let loose & move from Tea to Long Island Ice Tea. The cab rides, the music, the Karaoke (Hail Micheal Jackson) and the awesome yummy food. Aah, a vacation away from running behind kids has to be like this one!


The best things that happened because of this vacation

  • I got some super awesome pictured to make friends & family jealous for at least next 6 months.
  • My friends turned into my best friends. I can share anything with them without the fear of getting judged.
  • I developed a lot of self-confidence to be able to Myself more than just being a mommy, a wife, an employee.
  • I know what fun with mommy friends actually look like (Yes, this was my first trip without family ever since I got pregnant)
  • I love myself more than ever. I am happier than ever before.
  • And now, we do virtual Tea & LIT sessions whenever we miss each other. Chatting while sipping from our individual cups sitting miles away from each other.



This blog is a part of the Chai-a-thon blog train organized by ‘The Momsteins’

I would like to thank Charu Gujjal from for introducing me.

I would also recommend you to check out my fellow blogger, and friend Nupur’s blog and read about her wonderful ‘ tea memory ‘.



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  1. Super interesting. You guys inspired me to plan an all-girls vacation soon ?

  2. Now even I want to go on a vacation with my girl gang ?

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