The Moms Co. Maternal Range – Product Review

The Moms Co. Review

Today’s generation has started to realize the importance of going ‘Natural’ and avoid chemicals & harmful products as much as possible. As the users are becoming concerned & aware even brands are taking step back & thinking of ways to reduce or nullify the amount of harmful toxins & chemicals in their products. A lot of new brands are also gaining the much deserved popularity for being a natural, toxin & chemical free product brand. One such new player in market is The Moms Co.


About the Company

With the motto of “Nature In, Toxins Out” and a constant effort to find the best mix of ingredients for the moms & moms to be who want nothing but the best, The Moms Co. came into existence. The idea of The Moms Co. was conceptualized 5 years back when Malika, the founder of the company who was then living in London saw how conscious & aware people there were about the products they use & how it does or doesn’t harm mother nature as well as their own bodies & how different it was as compared to India, her Motherland.


She, along with her husband Mohit spent these years to turn her dream of toxin-free products into a reality, and thus The Moms Co. was born. Their products are made with the best natural ingredients and are dermatologically tested, and Australian Certified Toxin-free and Made safe. The products are formulated and tested to make sure they meet every international safety standard there is – across the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia.


The Product Range

The current product range offered by The Moms Co. has the following products available


  1. Natural Body Butter for Itchy Belly, Stretch Marks (200g / 7 Oz.)
  2. Natural Body Wash for Dry Skin (200ml / 7 Fl. Oz.)
  3. Natural Cooling Foot Cream for Swollen, Tired Feet and Ankles (50g / 1.8 Oz.)
  4. Natural Stretch Oil, for Stretching Dry, Itchy Skin (100ml / 3.4 Fl. Oz.)


Where can you buy them

The products are available on Amazon, FirstCry, Nykaa & Babychakra. (Click names for direct links)


Looks, Feel & Packaging


I received 3 products for reviewing – Natural Body Butter, Natural Body Wash & Natural Foot Cream.  The first thing that immediately caught my attention, as soon as I opened the package was the Logo. I absolutely admire how well thought of & intelligently designed the logo is. The packaging is pretty simple & conventional without any over the top colors or designs used.

The Body Butter comes in a tub style pack. It is very convenient to use. I keep on my bed side for ease of access during night times. The smell is very familiar & reminds me of Bodyshop Cocoa butter body butter that I had used throughout my pregnancy for my itchy belly.

The Foot Cream comes in a squeeze tube which makes it easy to use. The cream is thick thus doesn’t spill out of the tube when squeezed.  It has a very fresh peppermint aroma & has a cooling sensation when applied.

The product that I loved the most is the Natural body wash. It comes in a bottle with an easy push nozzle that can be closed to make it leak-proof during travels. It has a fresh gingery aroma to it. The bottle is a refillable, reusable soft plastic one.


My Experience with the Products


The Mom's Co. Review


Let me begin with the product I loved the most.


The Body Wash – The Natural body wash, that claims to ease morning sickness is the product out of all the products that I love the most. It’s coconut oil-based gentle cleansing wash with essential ginger & orange oils. The ginger & orange oil gives it it’s unique fragrance which is mild but very soothing & mood uplifting. The past few days that I have been using it, my skin feels very soft & moisturized post the shower for quiet a few hours. The aroma makes me feel relaxed & pampered. I especially loved the packaging & easy to use pump. I am not sure how relieving it would be during morning sickness, as I am currently not in the phase, but it surely was very pleasant & rejuvenating using it.


The Foot Cream – I am a mother of 2 toddlers, a working mother as well as run a small home-run business. Needless to say, I am always on my feet, rather on my toes. By the end of the day, my feet are almost killing me every day. The cooling effect of the peppermint in their foot cream made my feet feel so relaxed every night before bed. It contains Almond oil, Shea butter, Argan oil, Extra virgin Olive oil. This perfect mix not only helped me to relax my feet but also to soften my ankles, which was probably the most ignored part of my feet for some reason. Using the foot cream for a week gave me an effect of what an expensive Pedicure would give me.


The Body Butter -The body butter is ideally meant for pregnancy belly, as usually during pregnancy as the skin stretches, sometimes it results in an uncontrollable itch due to dryness. Well, again, I am not expecting thus can’t really comment on how effective it would be on a stretching belly. But as it’s summertime & air conditioning at night sometimes causes dryness, I started to use the body butter at night to try it out. I loved how it is non-sticky & light rather than greasy. The main ingredients are Cocoa & Shea butter & the smell reminded me of Bodyshop Shea & Cocoa body butter which I was using during my pregnancy, but I found The Moms Co. one much lighter as compared to Bodyshop. I can easily use it for non-winter seasons as well rather than just for cold seasons. These days I always keep the jar on my nightstand & reach out for it at bedtime.


What I loved about them?


  1. When it comes to looks, I absolutely admire their choice of colors, packaging & their logo.
  2. The product has a very mild & pleasant fragrance.
  3. The products are value for money.
  4. It does not irritate my sensitive skin.
  5. The body cream is not very oily or greasy.
  6. The tub makes it easier to take & use the cream.
  7. It’s easily available on multiple e-commerce websites.
  8. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all buyers from an e-commerce site, but I loved the handwritten personalized note it came with.


What will add more value to their brand?

Honestly, I love the products but had never heard of them before I was approached by them to use & review. Although the products are great, the visibility is very low. It would be great for expecting & new moms to get to know more about such products to be able to try them.


Dreamer Mum’s Rating

As mentioned earlier, I fell in love with the thoughtful design, packaging & logo, so a 5 / 5 there. Overall I would rate The Mom’s Co. products to be a 4.6 / 5. I liked their products but a lot more moms need to know about the product in my view. Also, after reading their story on YOURSTORY (Click to read the story), I am eagerly waiting to try their baby range for my girls & review them as well for readers & moms! I am also hoping they add more products to mom’s range soon.



P.S. – The review is not paid or sponsored by the company. The products were sent to the reviewer to use & review.


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  10. They have some great products. I am abig fan of the body wash.

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  16. I like your brand positioning of With the motto of “Nature In, Toxins Out”. Also, your reviews about the products The Body Wash, The Foot Cream and The Body Butter are really nice. Just like this brand, The Body Shop has a range of vegan products. You can buy natural skin & body care products from and write a review on your purchased products.

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    Hi, Please try Cocomo personal care products. They’re natural, safe and toxin-free.

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