A memorable visit to Reboot Wellness Centre

I recently got an opportunity to visit a very unique & happy place in Gurgaon. I got to know that some mentors & fellows from India Fellowship are visiting Gurgaon and I grabbed the opportunity to interact with them by visiting Reboot Wellness center in Gurgaon.


Reboot Wellness is a place dedicated to addressing all lifestyle-related problems, substance abuse & addictions. They provide treatment of all kinds of lifestyle diseases like depression, anxiety, insomnia, sleep disorders and overcoming addictions like alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes & party drugs.


I got an opportunity to meet their team. I also got to spend some time with Sarita Anand – the co-founder of Reboot Wellness & got to know her thoughts & views and her motivation behind starting Reboot Wellness. Having dedicated more than 15 years in the field of De-addiction & Recovery, Sarita has been conferred the Long Service Award by the National Council of Social Services and another Certificate of Appreciation from SANA for her contribution and support towards a drug-free Singapore in November 2016.


Reboot offers services like Quit Smoking Program, Alcohol Addiction & Sleep Recovery Program



The highlight of my visit, the place that I loved the most is their Hangout Cafe! This simple cafe holds a great relevance to the recovery process as it provides a very friendly environment as well as inclusive culture. A place where anyone can drop by, meet like-minded people & take their mind off the issues & problems they want to move away from.


The hangout cafe has the facilities such as

  • High-speed wireless Internet
  • A kitchen that serves tea, coffee & snacks
  • An interesting collection of books to choose from
  • Board games
  • Right kind of background music


So, do you know someone who is struggling with a lifestyle-related problem or an addiction? Get them connected to Reboot Wellness. You might be saving a life unknowingly. Call 0124 4569456 TODAY & learn more about how you can help someone!

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16 Responses

  1. This is amazing I have never heard about this place before thanks you for the post definetly going to recommend it to few of friends who are planning to quit smoking ..

  2. Shalu, so great to see you discussing the addiction issues so openly, not many people do that. Also wonderful to know that there’s a place like this – which offer so much, so close to home 🙂

  3. Good to know about this, Shalu. In our society, going to a rehab is a big taboo. Majority number of people don’t admit their addictions or talk them out from the fear of being judged and labelled. It’s great to know about such centres who welcome people with open arms and help them in finding their way out of addictions. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jinal says:

    This is something much needed and with such good facility I’m sure the addiction is to go

  5. Afsha Galar says:

    This is so interesting! And something that you don’t usually find around! Thank you for sharing Shalu! You always have informative and important things to discuss and share

  6. Zainab says:

    This sounds like a rehab & I’m sure this could be really helpful to those who need it!
    I’ must say a great initiative!

  7. lovesmylifelines says:

    Such a great place with positive environment and happiness,, I didn’t know about such centre. Thanks for sharing..

  8. Udita says:

    You know what I loved about the cafe! It has the same facilities as any other normal cafe would have but entirely for a different purpose! Like a kitchen wi fi! All these are found at home , giving the people the same atmosphere but serving a different purpose

  9. So glad you’re spreading the word about such a center.. Never knew about its existence in Gurgaon..

  10. Such a noble and cool initiative this is!

  11. Richa says:

    Next. Time. I am. In Gurgaon I am. Visiting this cafe…. I love going to such warm. Places… And thanks for sharing details about this center….. Actually. Even I have sleep disorder but I don’t know if this is right place for me!!!!

  12. Good to know about this. Shalu, I just love you for all this. You sharing what others including me hardly knows. Thanks for sharing such new information !! Love you ?

  13. Geethica says:

    This is a great opportunity. In my opinion every person who smokes needs to be here.

  14. This is such a great initiative to help people out of addictions. Another wonderful job by you shalu ..By making people aware of such places..

  15. What a lovely place! I have never heard about something like this. I am sure people struggling with addiction must be looking for something like this. I am glad that you have shared this post.

  16. Veena says:

    Even though we talk about the major addiction,I haven’t seen anyone talk about sleep one. And it’s a major one too. I am glad you found this place, and I am so happy this place exists. It is no fun being addicted and I know how it feels, making an effort towards de addiction isn’t easy, we need all the help we can get.

    All the best to his center and I hope many many more people heal


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