When Buddha & I met over coffee!

I was sitting on the park bench with the mug of steaming hot coffee in my hands, watching the greenery around & enjoying the book I had been wanting to read for so long. I kept the book aside to stay in the moment for a while & finish my coffee. I was thinking about the letter I wrote to the universe few days back which was still kept inside my study table drawer. I had been struggling with the chaos in my mind for a while now & a dear friend of mine suggested, “Why don’t you send a message out to universe? I am sure the universe will respond.”


For me there is no better way of sending out a thought than by writing it down. So I wrote this letter to the universe with a request to send on earth more men like Rabindranath Tagore, Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi. Not just the world needs them, at some level I do need too. I feel a disconnect with the world and I feel in 9 out of 10 places I am, I do not belong there. I want to talk to & meet people where I feel I belong. So I wrote in the letter that I want to meet these people, talk to them about what I feel, my plans of making the world a better place & so on. But well, that was just a letter, wasn’t it?


Suddenly I felt that someone was standing next to my bench. I looked up to see this handsome young man standing there smiling at me. “Do you mind if I join you?” he asked. The park was anyways not much crowded & I could have used a good conversation. I took my chances & asked him to sit. I was trying to look as uninterested as possible, but this man had a different aura to him. “Hi, I am Siddharth. I actually came here specially to meet you and talk to you.” I was confused. Was there a meeting I scheduled and forgot about? Do I know this young man? what am I missing here?


“The letter” he added, “You write in your letter that you wanted to speak to me.” I was still confused. Which letter could he be talking about? “I am Siddharth.” he said again, this time emphasizing on his name.


No way!!! This can not be true. How can it be? He can’t be what he claims he is. And besides, no one else knows about the letter I wrote. Then how is this possible. For once I decided to keep the skeptic me aside & let the believer in the mystic take over & go with the flow. “Would you like some coffee?”, I asked him. Both of us were in total silence till his coffee arrived. And then our conversation began – over the cup of coffee.


“So tell me, why did you want to meet me? What is it that you are looking for?” he asked.

“You don’t look like you are a god. Anyways, its good only, because I wanted to meet the teacher Siddharth and not the god Siddharth.” I said

“I was never meant to be a god. I am not a god. It’s you all who have turned my teachings into a religion & me into a god. All I wanted was to make this world a better place by making better people.”

“Hey, same here. But I teach kids, not grown ups. It’s so much easier to impart wisdom & positivity to young minds than to the rigid grown up minds.” I almost laughed.

“I know, and it makes me sad today when I see people turning teachings of great men into religion & then fighting over who’s teachings were better & who’s religion in better.” he said.

“Can’t you come back?” I asked, “The world needs more people like you.”

“I am afraid I can’t. I am not the god people think I am. I can not perform miracles or be reborn. Once gone is gone.” he added.

“But the world needs you. Don’t you think so?” I sounded worried.

“The world doesn’t need ME. The world needs more like me. You too can be one if you want to.” he said.

I couldn’t say anything after this. I was trying to process what he just said. Meanwhile our coffee was also over. “It’s time for me to go.” he smiled at me.

“Before you go, tell me honestly, are you really Buddha?” I asked

“No, but you are! are many others too! They are all over in forms of teachers. Find them, but this time don’t turn them into gods & religion.”




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  1. Dear Shalu, I just loved ur post. Yes ,the world needs many more Budhas but we too can certainly contribute in a way or the other

    • If someone like you – someone who has not just been reading but also writing some awesome stuff all these years, I really take it as a big compliment as well as an encouragement!

    • Hey Shalu. I am glad you liked it. I am new to Fiction & this was my second ever piece of fiction, this is really encouraging.

  2. Shalu, this does not happen often when I am at a loss of words but this post made me speechless. One of the best blogs I have read so far and how authentic the writing is. You write so effortlessly and which is why we can connect with your writing. I absolutely loved it.

    • after reading this article someone spoke to me about Buddhist practice. I am planning to attend a meeting to explore my spirituality more with this. It is difficult to process for people that I am atheist and yet spiritual.

  3. I read the post and felt the resonation so well. I loved reading it. I think life would be so easy if we all understand the real meaning of what Budha taught in his lessons.

  4. Wow!! I am totally impresses with your writing skills Shalu❤ Truly amazing!
    I love the way you wrote, he was not looking like a god and about making religion, etc. Yes, they are the advents! God in Human forms! Although Over-Soul is only one(we see it as different).

    They come here for the betterment of the world, to teach us, to give the humanity a small push and after they go, we narrow minded human beings immediately form new religions!
    After zoraster – parsi religion was established, after Rama and Krishna – Hinduism was established and same is the case with Buddha (Buddhism), Jesus(Christianity), Muhammad paigambar (muslims),this is happeining since ages now and this will continue….untill we realize that the only religion which truly exists on the earth is LOVE and Humanity❤
    I still wonder, how beautifully you have penned down your thoughts here!?

  5. Your post looked so flawless and written with a pure heart and a desire. Beautiful. I feel we all have Buddha somewhere and we have him somewhere around us only. Just that we don’t recognize him…

  6. I can really imagine what a beautiful place our world would be if there will be more ppl like Siddhartha !! Beautifully narrated..
    For a moment i could relate to Chetan Bhagats .One Night at the call center!!