MATRIKAS Creative women’s Journal – For the Dreamer in me!!

Everyone has that that ONE thing – an activity, a hobby, a passion – something that they love to do & which given them their inner peace & calm. For me, my that SOMETHING has always been writing daily journal or thought diary. My parents always used to make fun of me saying that I was ‘Born with a full set of teeth’ as I was always very mature & opinionated even as a kid. I always wanted to preserve these thoughts & ideas that were always floating around in my head. That’s the story behind my passion for writing & how this Blogging Journey’s seeds were sown for the first time!!!


The technology has advanced & keyboards & screens have replaced pen & journals, but my love for journals & diaries even today is as much as it was during those beginning days. Whenever I see a attractive & creative journal, I but it & use it for scheduling, ideation & scribbling my thoughts.


Recently I came across one such beautiful journal that’s meant specially for people like me – Women, Dreamers, Thoughtful Individuals, Writers…. MATRIKAS Women Journal.



About MATRIKAS Creative Women’s Journals


The word ‘Matrika’ means Mother in Sanskrit. Taking inspiration from the powerful energies of a mother, these journals are meant to help channelize on’s energies to ideate, innovate & express. These are not just any regular notebook with a fancy cover & lined pages. These journals are created in a way that it gives so much joy to the person using them & unleashes the creativity through their carefully well thought of design.


The Product Range


MATRIKAS has a wide range of Notebooks, Office Stationary, Journals & Specialty Journals. The Creative Women’s Journal is a part of their specialty journal range. These journals were launched on the Mother’s Day 2017. The Journal is available in 4 varieties for individual preferences. The one I have & absolutely adore is the pink journal – Butterfly – To Dream…

Butterfly             To Dream     (The Pink Journal)

Fish                   To Glide        (The Blue Journal)

Feather              To Write        (The Red Journal)

Dragonfly           To Fly            (The Brown Journal)


You can see more products they offer in other ranges on their Facebook Page or their Website (Click for direct link)


What Sets The Journal Apart

I love to indulge into daydreaming (the reason why I call myself a dreamer) & love to create illustrations & draw a picture of thoughts rather than just writing down my thoughts at times. This product gave me that flexibility.


Apart from lined pages to write, it has 8 adult coloring pages with pictures of elements inspired from nature such a birds, butterflies, flowers etc. Sometimes coloring can be a stress buster, therapeutic & so much fun even for adults. It also has some blank pages to doodle, scribble or draw a picture instead of words the way I do. It has pages dedicated to list down things like places I would like to visit, Books I would love to read etc to provoke some thoughts on topics we otherwise tend to neglect or forget.

It has 3 sheets of themed stickers to make writing fun & more artistic. Just like a small toddler, I too loved to decorate my entries with some stickers which went with the theme.



Where can you buy the products from?

Not just these journals, but all products of MATRIKAS are available at their website as well as amazon. (Click the pictures below for a direct link)




Dreamer Mum’s Rating

I wonder how I did not stumble upon this product earlier. However, never too late. I love the journal & use it all the time to write down all blog ideas I get, deadlines for my work, plan for play-dates & outings etc all the time. Like I always say, there is always a scope for improvement, thus I give a 4.8 / 5 rating to it. I would highly recommend it to all women out there. It’s also a great gifting option for the powerful & creative women in family & friend circle.


Who else is using it & writing about it?

A lot other bloggers are also writing about their experience & review of MATRIKAS Creative Women’s Journal. Charu Sareen Gujjal – a super mommy to a Girl & a Boy Twins has shared her experiences in her BLOG. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. (Click for direct links)


Let me now welcome Kanika Jain who is also a reviewer & blogger, in the chain of blogs who would also share her views about the journal through her BLOG. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. (Click for direct links)


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  1. Wonderful and honest review, Shalu. Really excited for the red one, I got and can’t wait more to post my review. Happy to join the blog chain of seven bloggers for this review. Way to go, Shalu !!!

  2. This is a wonderful review. I almost slipped into a dream myself. I found the doodle and adult colouring pages so so therapeutic at the end of a long hard day. ❤

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  7. Hey, just discovered u blog while searching for journal enthusiasts on Facebook… Guess I brought up an old post… Thanks for sharing about this brand. I love journals too.. Use for bullet journals and gratitude journal

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