For the love of MATHS & for the Fear of it!

When I was in school, I was always afraid of Maths. I hated it, avoided it, was scared of it – but still there was no escaping from it. And when I joined Teach for India & met teachers & students from all over the country, I realized I was not the only one. And why not? The way maths is taught in our country (and a lot many countries) kids think of it as an alien concept which they can never understand and never excel in. And there are reasons too to this!


  • You can’t bluff & get your way through this subject at least.
  • You can not cram it up like other rote learning subjects.
  • Most kids have a big doubt – “All these difficult concepts that we are learning, is it going to be of any use or application in my life ever?”
  • It’s scary to begin with. All numbers & no words a lot many times.
  • And most importantly, we hate maths because everyone around us hates it too. Even if we might be good in it, the mental block is created since the day it is introduced to it – “Oh! It’s the most difficult subject. Work Hard.”


So how is it that we can eradicate this fear of Maths? Well, I wish I knew the answer. But out of school competitive exams that are more of application based are one good way of doing it. Math Olympiad is one example of such competitive exams that help to encourage young students to participate, use their analytical skills, discover their talent & thus in turn enjoy the math problems. I recently got an opportunity to be a part of launch of the SouthEast Asian Mathematical Olympiad in India. I think this is a great opportunity for parents to enroll their kids & schools to enroll their students for these exams & help them overcome the fear of mathematics. If you have a school going child from grade V to grade XII, I would request you to read the below information & urge you to avail this opportunity to let your child participate in the very first batch of SEAMO exams in India.



About SouthEast Asian Maths Olympiads 


SEAMO, (SouthEast Asian Mathematical Olympiad) – originated from Singapore. Conceptualized and managed by noted mathematician and experts of Terry Chew Institute of Mathematical Olympiad (TCIMO). Established in 1991, TCIMO has been engaged in path breaking research in designing mathematical questions to assess a child’s inherent and problem solving skills. It encourages all categories of students to think on the solution approach to a problem. In India SEAMO will be held for the rst time in India across 55 cities and in more than 100 test centers.


Who can Participate?


Any student from class V to class XII can take part in the SEAMO exams.


What are the registration charges? 


The registration fees for class V to class IX is Rs. 1150 (Including Taxes) while for class X, XI & XII is Rs. 1300 (Including Taxes).


Details for Registration & Exams


The last date to register for the SEAMO is 31st July 2017. The exams will be help on 6th August 2017 in 100 different centers in 55 cities across India.  There are 2 modes of registration. 1) Ofine : Students can ll up the form through their respective school along with the registration fees and / or submit the lled in form at the nearest registration ofce mentioned in the brochure. 2) Online : Students can visit the ofcial website i.e, ll up the online registration form and by submitting the registration fees.  In case of ofine registration it could be by Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft & in case of online registration it could be by credit card, debit card, net banking.


The result & medals of Pan India will be declared on 25th August 2017.


How does one prepare for the exams? 


The sample question papers & resources are available on their website. Link – http://seamo-of


Is there any reward attached?


The top 0.025% of students will receive a Gold plated medal & a certificate. The nest 1% of students will receive a Silver plated medal & a certificate. The next 1% of students will receive a Bronze plated medal & a certificate. All students appearing for the exams will be rewarded with a certification of participation.


My Personal Remark


What I personally appreciate about SEAMO is that unlike other existing Mathematics Olympiads in India, it does not screen average or below average students out at different levels. It gives all participants a chance to compete at national level & showcase their talent & skills against students of other countries too. With a mix of Easy, Moderate & Difficult questions, it encourages students to push their limits & not just excel in their level of questions but attempt higher order questions too.


I also appreciate that post the results, each student will receive a Performance Analysis Report, which will further help them to identify the areas which they are best at & areas which they need more work on.This will help in eliminating the fear of maths & in a healthy competitive way encourage all students to keep trying for excellence when it comes to maths.


P.S. – This is not a paid or sponsored blog. I was invited at the launch of SEAMO India as an educationist , thus sharing the experience & knowledge with my readers for benefits of parents & students.


For more information you can logon to their website – or . You can also get in touch with their National Inquiry No : 9599330961 & 9599449631


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