I sat down to write something about you,
thought it would be done within a minute or two,
But when I began, I thought…. and thought & thought,
didn’t come even close to begin.
Only to realize that my vocabulary was limited,
the words I knew were very few.
I looked up the dictionary to  find some new words,
but none came close in describing you.
I decided to try Hindi next,
thought that I’d have some luck.
My worst nightmares were realized,
there were just not enough words to describe u,
again your qualities were more and the words very few.
“C’mon C’mon” I pushed myself,
there must be some words that would describe you,
I searched my heart and I strained my brain,
frightened and terrified that my efforts will all go all in vain,
Alas, I had to give up and I had to give in.
Sad and full of remorse, I finally turned to GOD,
I prayed – really hard and asked HIM,
“Why aren’t there any appropriate words to describe her”
HIS eyes had the calm of the sea.
Patiently HE stood up and told me.
“Son I didn’t make enough words,
there’s a reason behind it,
your friend cannot be valued by words you see,
of all the people I’ve created so far,
among them, your friend is the MASTERPIECE for me.”

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4 Responses

  1. Isha says:

    Beautiful. Loved it Dreamer mum ?

  2. Wow beautifully written. Keep them coming Shalu

  3. Beautiful… The twist is brilliant.. While reading I thought it’s a lovers narration.. But the friendship angle is Uber cool and mesmerizing.. Awesomely written and brilliantly thought of ??

  4. Udita says:

    Beautiful lines Shalu! Please circulate these in college groups!! Couples will make the most out of this! So much mushiness ??

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