MamaEarth Mom’s Range – Product Review

It took years for the big famous brands in baby care industry to reach the level of name & fame they have achieved. But if there is one brand that has made its mark & gained popularity within a short span of time, and that too for all good reasons, its MamaEarth.

I have been using MamaEarth baby range for a long enough time to have a trust & faith on the brand & its products. So when they announced the launch of their Mama Range of products, I was all set to try them on myself too. So when they approached me & asked if I would like to try the products & write about my experience with the Mama Range products, I happily agreed to do so.

I was sent a beautiful travelling kit containing a jar of Argan Hair Mask, bottle of Body Lotion & Calming Body Wash. I also went ahead & purchased a jar of Under Eye Cream & Epsom Bath Salt from Amazon, as I wanted to try those as well before I wrote this review down.

About MamaEarth Mom’s Range

Just like the Baby range, even Mama’s range is free from Toxins & Chemicals. It’s free from Parabens, Sulfate, Mineral oil, Dyes & Synthetic fragrances.  All the products are terminologically tested in Europe basis European Union Standards& use “MadeSafe” certified ingredients. This ensures that the products are completely free of behavioral, dermatological & environmental toxins. They are also cruelty free & NON GMO compliant.


The Product Range

  • Body Creme For Stretch Marks & Scars
  • Argan Hair Mask To Reduce Hair Fall
  •  Nipple Butter For Sore & Cracked Nipples
  • C3 Face Mask To Reduce Pigmentation
  • Under Eye Creme For Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes
  • Nourishing Body Lotion
  • Calming Body Wash
  • Epsom Bath Salt For Relaxation & Pain Relief

The range is called Mama Range, but except for Nipple Butter & Body Creme for stretch marks, all the products can easily be used by all women, whether they are a mom yet or not.

Where can you buy the Mama Range of MamaEarth Products

MamaEarth Mama Range is currently available for sale at Amazon, Flipkart & Nykaa. (Click on each name for direct link to MamaEarth products on respective sites)

Looks, Feel & Packaging

The travel pouch which came along the products is a good quality material spacious & waterproof pouch that can be used while travels or outings to carry the products easily. The mix of Pink & Blue makes it appealing for everyone’s preference.

The mild & calming colors of the labels – pink & green are easy on eyes & soothing. The Pink helped me associate the product with women & the green gave a clear message of natural, chemical free, toxin free product – which is what sets them apart.

All the products have a natural & mild rosy fragrance to it – nothing too strong or artificial.

The Jars & bottles are light weight, leak proof & the push pump dispensing system of the body wash & body lotion is designed in a way that it avoids wastage & dispenses in small quantities.



My Personal Experience

Under Eye Creme – I purchased the under eye creme specially because I have been struggling with puffy eyes & deep dark circles ever since I was pregnant. I have been applying it for 10 days now. I started to notice the effect on my eyes from day 4. The pigmentation & darkness around the eyes is visibly reducing. Massaging the creme has improved the blood circulation thus the puffiness is also slowly reducing. These things do take their time to work thus one cant expect an overnight miracle, but visible reduction in darkness & puffiness within 4 days is not bad at all. The product being chemical free & mild did not irritate my eyes at all.

Epsom Bath Salt – For a working mom, who is on her feet the whole day, whether it be for work or for running behind their children, by end of the day the feet & back usually go sore. I started soaking my feet twice a week in warm water with a spoon full of Epsom Bath Salt before bed. This definitely helped me relax my hurting feet & give some relaxation, made me feel pampered for those 10 – 15 minutes. This is one routine I plan to continue following on a regular basis.

C3 Face Mask – Another product that I plan to continue using on a regular basis because of the effect it had on my skin is C3 Face Mask. In just one application I noticed the dead skin getting washed off, the pigmentation around my cheeks reducing & my skin starting to glow. I have a dry skin specially my face & usually face masks dry it further leaving itchy & stretchy feeling. I thankfully did not experience the same with C3 Face Mask. On the contrary my skin felt fresh every time I used it.

Calming Body Wash – I have a mixed experience when it comes to the Calming Body Wash. The product is great & gave me a relaxing, rejuvenating effect. I have started using it on a daily basis for last 2 weeks now. It’s rosy smell & softness of the skin stays for few hours even after the bath. I prefer to use it even before bed due to summers, as it gives me a feeling of freshness right before I sleep.  But I personally prefer a large amount of body wash on my loofah to lather up. Because of the push pump dispenser, I had to pump it 10 – 15 times to get the desired amount out. The product being great, if there are different stock keeping units or different packaging types available people will have more stuff to suit their preferences.

Nourishing Body Lotion – As I mentioned earlier, I have a dry skin, thus I need to use body lotion even in summers. The oil based ones, usually meant for winters make my skin look too oily & artificially shiny & attracts a lot of dust & dirt. I have started to apply mama earth lotion twice a day – in morning & before bed. It keeps my skin moisturized & hydrated for a good 8 – 10 hours without a feeling of either too sticky or too dry on my skin. The fragrance is mild & subtle.

I usually sit on my work desk with my elbows rested on the arm chair / table for lot of hours in a day. This had made my elbows dry & black. For a week I tried this trick of applying a generous amount of body lotion, leaving it on for 10 minutes & then cleaning it off with a tissue paper. My elbows have started to feel softer & the color is matching to rest of the arm now.

Dreamer Mum’s Rating

I used & liked all the products of MamaEarth Mama Range. I would recommend them not just to expecting women or already mamas, but also to all women in general. I would give MamaEarth a 4.5 / 5 stars. I would love to see more products such as body scrub, facial scrub, face wash etc to be added to their range & more packaging varieties too. I would also love to see a travel size kit available in market similar to what they have in their Baby Product Range for travels & outings.

You can read my review of MamaEarth Baby Products Range by clicking  Here.


P.S. – This review is not a paid / sponsored review. Few products have been purchased by the reviewer while few have been sent by MamaEarth for reviewing.

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  1. ohh great i am in love with these products will definetly try some more…i am eyeing those bath salts..

  2. Fabulous Mom Life says:

    The Epsom salts look great and I am also looking forward to trying out their hair Mask. Have been hearing a lot of good things about it!

  3. I cant wait to buy the bath salts

  4. Veens says:

    Oh! I love your detailed review. I have been thinking of giving these as gifts to me and the rest of the lady squad at home.

  5. Mamaearth is indeed spreading a lot of love around.. I totally love their mama range as much as I love their baby products.

  6. Oh yes, I too swear by MamaEarth’s product quality and feel. I love the mild fragrance and the confidence it gives me of being absolutely safe. Your review is beautiful would love to try out my hands on all these wonderful products.

  7. Under eye creme ..sounds good to me ..ll try it soon

  8. I am just eagerly waiting to use these products ?

  9. Anchal says:

    I am so eager to use these products. thanks for the review ?

  10. Loving their products so far !! I love the charcoal face mask

  11. Tabassum says:

    To be honest liked the mama earth argan hair mask because of it being safe and chemical free. found it effective on dry and frizzy hair..still awaiting results on hair fall as it has been just few applications now..will recommend for individual looking for easy to use hair mask..:)

  12. Jessy s says:

    Thanks for the great info. I’ll be implementing much of this soon!

  13. Thanks for sharing great information as mama earth products are really great and I have tried some of them and now I am going to try Argan hair mask after reviewing your article. So, once again thanks for sharing from the team THE HEAVEN BEAUTY (BEAUTY & SKINCARE).

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