Mama Earth Baby Range Products – Review

An assurance from a mother to another!!

That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Mama Earth products. When a set of parents lose their sleep about the chemicals & toxins being exposed to their baby & want to give nothing but best to not only their child, but all kids around – the result is conceptualization of a product range that’s baby friendly, free from chemical & harmful toxins. That’s the story behind Mama Earth.



The Products they offer

Their baby range that has been in market for quiet few months now has the following products.

  • Gentle Cleansing Shampoo for Babies
  • Diaper Rash Cream for Babies
  • Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies
  • Natural Insect Repellent
  • Soothing massage oil for babies
  • Moisturizing Daily Lotion for Babies
  • Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies

Very soon they are launching a Mama range meant for women. I am looking forward to using these products too & would review them soon.


Where can you buy Mama Earth products

The MamaEarth products are available at Amazon, Firstcry, NykaaFlipkart & Babychakra. (Click on each name for direct link to MamaEarth products on respective sites)


Who are these products meant for

The products are meant for kids from newborn till age of 5 years, but some of the products can easily be used by even adults. The moisturizing lotion is mild & can be used by even grown-ups who have sensitive skin. I personally have been using the moisturizing lotion not only for my 2.5 year old kids for over 6 months now, but also been using for myself on a daily basis. The insect repellent is also one such product that can be used by older kids & grown-ups. We recently went on a trip and realized there were a lot of mosquitoes during the evening hours. I was carrying the bug repellent for kids & I tried it on husband & self. I personally haven’t tried it, but a lot of moms have used even the diaper rash cream for period rashes.


How are Mama Earth products different from other baby brands

MamaEarth is the only “Made Safe” certified toxin free brand not only in India but in whole of Asia. The products are free from harmful toxins like parabens, phthalates, fragrances, mineral oil etc.  None of the MamaEarth products are tested on animals.


Looks & packaging

With the cute little animals printed on the bottles, the packaging is very pleasing & appealing equally for mothers as well as kids. The green color in the packaging & the use of animals as their mascots clearly gives out the message of natural ingredients & safe products. The lids on all the products are leak proof & the products like body wash, shampoo & moisturizer are easy to squeeze.


My Personal Experience

When I first read about Mama Earth products, I immediately bought the products without any second thought. My first instinct was even if the product might have a few shortcomings like smell, texture etc., it’s still a good deal to have something toxin & chemical free go over the body of my daughters as compared to other famous brands that I was reading all negative health reports against. Today, I have been using Mama Earth shampoo, body wash as well as moisturizer on a daily basis for over six months. To my surprise there were no such flaws & MamaEarth is one of the best baby products range in all ways.

My daughter has a super dry & sensitive skin. Even after using one of the bestselling body lotions for her, her skin, especially  her limbs and face used to get dry & flaky. Ever since I started with Mama Earth daily moisturizer, I use it twice a day & have hardly ever faced the flakiness or extreme dryness. I apply it post bath even in summers, as its super light & gets absorbed in their skin without making them look oily.

The shampoo & body wash has a mild fragrance & the fact I love about them is they are easy to wash off. A lot of famous brands I have used are extremely sticky & very difficult to wash off, leaving the hair greasy even after wash.


Dreamer Mum’s Rating

I am a happy user of Mama Earth baby range & also would recommend it to other moms for their little tots. Although I am highly satisfied & happy with the range, I would give Mama Earth products 4.7 / 5 stars, as there’s always a little scope of improvement for any brand, whether it be more variety in same range or more product ranges.


P.S. – This is not a paid review & all products used belong to the reviewer.


You can read review of Mama Earth mom’s range HERE. (Click for direct link)


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  1. I have used Mama earth, body wash and I agree, the fragrance is not very strong and somewhat soothing. Waiting to try out the other products. Thanks for the review.

  2. I have been hearing about this brand a lot lately.. but was always sceptical to use.. thanks for a useful review
    I think I shall order it

  3. I’ve been using almost all the products of this brand, and I love them all. They are very mild and the fragrance is wonderful. I’ve been using the repellent on myself too ? nice review!

  4. Would love to try out the products for women and look forward to the review… I completely believe in natural products and on a permanent look out for them…

  5. Mama Earth products sound good. I am impressed that they are striving to keep their products toxin free.

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