Making Brushing Teeth Fun For Kids!

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and—snap!—the job’s a game!” – Mary Poppins

Healthy teeth are vital for your child’s overall development. Thus introducing daily brushing routine in a fun way & making it a habit which kids enjoy becomes important for parents.  This will set them up for good dental habits in the future.

Sometimes it becomes a nightmare for parents to make brushing teeth a habit that doesn’t become a burden to them. They keep wondering how to get toddlers to brush teeth, what’s the best method of toddler tooth care, how to make brushing teeth fun and how to inculcate healthy brushing habits. Here are some tricks to get toddlers to brush teeth happily.


  • Start Early – Introduce toothbrush to your baby as soon as the first tooth erupts. You may not need to start brushing their teeth this early, but getting them familiar with a toothbrush will help once the brushing starts.


  • Let them brush others – Letting kids brush teeth of your favorite toy, a picture or any adult also helps to get them used to hold a toothbrush.


  • Keep Toothpaste Optional when you begin – Finally, when the time comes that you start brushing their teeth, keep the toothpaste optional for initial few days. Eventually, start with a very small quantity.


  • Keep them engaged – A song, a rhyme, a book – add anything that works with your baby to keep them engaged & happy while brushing.


  • Encourage habit of selfbrushing – It might get messy and you as a parent might feel that the teeth are not cleaned properly, but it is always good to encourage self-brushing habit from a long-term sustainability perspective. You can help them to finish up & gargle.


  • Brush along with them – Make it a family thing. Brush in front of them before introducing it to them. This will generate curiosity in them for toothbrush & brushing. Once you introduce brushing to them, brush along with them.


  • Use the mirror – It is great fun for kids to watch themselves in a mirror while they are doing something. Add to the fun by clubbing mirror & brushing together.


  • Stick to the routine – It will become a habit soon if you stick to a routine yourself & encourage your kids too to do the same.


P.S. – Always choose a toothbrush & toothpaste formulated especially for kids.

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  1. alpanadeo says:

    Brushing is so very imooimporfor healthy teeth and we should start early. With the change in food preferences, we should encourage our kuda to brush regularly

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