An unexpected rendezvous at the Terminal

“Ma’am, you are already very late in reaching the terminal. We are boarding in next 20 minutes, please hurry up. Here is your boarding pass, please rush to gate No. 4 as soon as you can.”


Suhani was already breathless. How can she be so careless? Her flight was from terminal 2 but she reached Terminal 3 assuming that she has arrived early. By the time she realized her mistake, she was already getting late. But thankfully the airline staff was supportive enough to help her reach terminal 2 & get through the check-ins faster.


She wanted to get a cup of coffee before boarding the flight, but knew she was already running late thus did not want to take the risk. Running towards Gate 4, she suddenly saw him coming from the opposite direction. Wait, can this really be him? She was still not ready to face him yet! And even if she was ready, it was not a brief hello that she was hoping for anyways! Then why was destiny playing this little prank on her?


It had been 2 years since Suhani & Shashank had separated, but she was still not able to get over him. She still loved him as much as she did since forever. The pain of separation was still hurting as bad as the day they decided to part ways. She had somehow got along with her life by immersing herself in work. Now suddenly facing him brought all those emotions back, all the pain back and probably even all the hopes to someday reconcile back. She hasn’t dated or been with a man in these two years. She didn’t even know if Shashank was still single. She wanted to ask him that. She wanted to tell him how much she missed him. She missed waking up next to him, seeing all the love for her in his eyes. She missed those careless Sundays they used to spend together and those fights over what temperature the AC needs to be set on.


But right now, in this moment, all she hoped was that Shashank doesn’t see her. But he did. Their gaze met and time suddenly stopped for Suhani. The moment froze when she saw him looking at her. “Is he feeling the same right now. Has time stood still for him as well? Does he still love me the way I do? Does he ever consider getting back together? Will he stop and talk to me? Should I stop and talk to him?” she kept thinking to herself.


“Suhaneee, Hiiii. It’s so good to see you. How have you been?” He sounds pretty happy to see me.


“Uuummm. I have a flight to catch. I am getting late.” Suhani was avoiding eye contact.


“Okay. Where are you going? and where are you living these days?” He asked


“I’m in Bangalore. Going home to meet parents over the weekend,” she said in a low tone still avoiding eye contact.


“Suhu, I would be in Bangalore for a conference 18th of this month. Can we meet for coffee on 18th evening.” No-one had called her Suhu in a long long time. She did not know what emotions Shashank is going through right now. And why did he want to meet? Is he getting married again & want’s a legal divorce? Is that why he wants to meet her?  Or is he planning to get down on his knees with a ring in his hand and ask her to get back together?


Suhani wasn’t able to think straight right now. “Sure, I am in town on 18th. A coffee won’t hurt,” she said with a poker face.


“I still use the same number Suhu. And I have your phone number. I’ll call you on 17th to finalize the plan.” He hugged her with all the warmth that Suhani was longing for all these years. It’s so good to see you Suhu. I have missed you so much.”


“I really have to go now, or I will miss my flight. Take care Shashank. See you on 18th then”



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4 Responses

  1. Aesha says:

    I love happy endings!!! Hope they get back together soon and the sweet memory of the short rendezvous stays with Suhani till the 18th.

  2. That was interesting…it felt like she was still quite conflicted about seeing him while he seemed more keen. I can’t help but wonder what might happen

  3. alpanadeo says:

    The wait is going to tough. I loved it when he said “Suhu”. That shows they might come together. Please say yes Shalu.. Fingers crossed.:-)

  4. A lovely story with an open ending. In fact I think you should write a sequel to this. Would love to read it.

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