Some stories of very ordinary people doing something extraordinary in life is so inspiring, that it’s worth sharing with the whole world. One such inspiring story is the story of Misha Jain and her brand Ang-Tatva.

Misha, a mother of twin toddler daughters, who has been a homemaker ever since she got married & moved out of her hometown. Being born and brought up in a small town or Haryana – Kaithal, she always had big dreams and aspirations in life. Being a super loving wife, a caring mother & a perfect homemaker who ensured needs of everyone in the family – a joint family of 20 + people is yet still never gave up on herself & her dream of doing something of her own & leaving a mark behind.


Ang-Tatva that started as a means to ensure that her kids & family get the best of skincare & beauty products that are personally & specially curated & made at home with love by her soon became popular in her friends & family circle. In just 4 months of going public, Ang-Tatva, as well as Misha, became a household name. Her products are used & loved by all genders & ages equally. Now that’s inspiring, isn’t it?



The following is an excerpt of a conversation I had with this ever inspiring lady.


What inspired you to create homemade & personalized solutions to beauty & skin problems? 

I personally, inspired by my grandmothers & ladies in the family have been hearing, learning & working on lot of home remedies since childhood with a little touch of Ayurveda. As I was blogging and doing content writing about beauty solutions & importance of Ayurveda, few friends asked me to create some oils for them as well. I did that and they loved it. So the recipe was kind of hit with them and eventually, I decided to launch it on a higher scale.


When did you decide to turn this passion into a business?

Some 4+ months back when the friends using my products started to refer them to others and I started getting orders with word of mouth, I decided why not do it professionally.


What were the initial days struggle and how did you overcome them?

Initially, I didn’t understand how to generate a costing statement and also was in doubt about the face packs as we didn’t know much about the shelf life of homemade products. Again Ayurveda came to rescue to tell us about natural preservatives and more consistent recipes there. We still recommend cool dry storage of our products as you never know what can go wrong with home curated products in a hot or humid atmosphere as the ingredients are mainly out of the kitchen.

Also, my husband being experienced in manufacturing setup himself partnered up & helped understand & take up the calculations & cost sheet generation.

Then a friend helped with fixing up name, logo and understanding social media and brand promotions. And there I was, with a newly gained knowledge of all sectors of running a business overcoming one hurdle at a time.


What’s the best part according to you of having your own business?

I personally can not work under pressure of time bond. I mean working 9 to 5 or 10-2 doesn’t work for me. Sometimes I work at 2 am also and few days I just don’t work at all. I love this freedom and not being questioned by and being answerable to anyone about it. That’s the best part of being your own boss I think.


What does the name Ang-Tatva mean to you? How did the name come into being?

AngTatva literally is a fusion of 2 words- Ang means part (of the body) and tatva means element. So AngTatva defines the elements of our body parts. The name came into existence when we needed a word to define what we were creating. Something close to the body and defines the minuteness of the elements of nature as well. We definitely wanted to have a Hindi-Sanskrit word.

To me, it means something I explored about myself and it gave me a direction to move on in life.


What is your vision for Ang-Tatva?

I see it as a leading brand in India which might not be as perfect in a lot of marketing & branding aspects like many popular brands but definitely, it will always produce and deliver best organic products.


What role has your family played in supporting you to reach where you are today?

My family was very surprised yet very supportive when I talked to them about it. I decided to disclose to them only after I started to get stable orders & decided to turn it into a business. None of us thought we will go big this soon, but the love of our customers gave us the vision and my family is supporting every small and big decision we need to take.


How do you ensure that only best reach your customers?

The consultation and curation of the product stay in my hands alone till now. We ensure the packaging also is in front of the very few eyes that we trust and rely on. We are a strong team and the ingredients come from the organic farmers only. I procure almost all the ingredients and oils myself. Still, even after ensuring the best from our end, if someday any customer might receive a product that’s not up to their expectations, we are all ears. Ultimately providing them the solution they want is our goal.


How much was your first sale worth? Do you remember what you bought with that money?

I still remember this very specifically & will always remember this. My first sale was on 3rd April 2017 when I sent off 5 orders together, worth 6700/- INR. I bought a saree for mother – in – law and a chocolate for husband and kids.


Any message for people who aspire to be business women but are hesitant to take the leap of faith?

Well! I am myself pretty new & still having new struggles & hiccups every day that I along with the support of my team, my family & friends am overcoming every day. thus can’t comment much. But I have come to realize with time that people have very different life situations & a leap small for someone might mean changing their whole world for someone else. Thus just like skincare, the risk & passion for business would differ for each individual.

But yes if u have even one hand to hold, to support and move on, give it a try for sure. The trial won’t take much but you might get to know far more about yourself, about the people who are worth hanging on to and the things that matter the most. Business is not all about money & products/services, its a journey of self-discovery & introspection too.


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