“I” versus “Me”

Mother is reading book with her daughter

I, a mother of two toddlers, was an educator – a Teacher, before becoming a mother. The skills I acquired during my stint as a teacher have definitely helped me be a better mother than otherwise I might have been. And I am also pretty sure once I go back to my professional self, my experiences of being a mother would help me become a better teacher as well. My whole perspective of being a teacher has changed drastically ever since my kids have entered toddlerhood and I have gotten into a structured learning mode for them.

The dilemma of the teacher in me versus the mother in me has slowly started to take over. Forget about people judging me and comparing my two selves, I have myself started to evaluate and compare my abilities to teach a classroom full of 40 students who can communicate and express using words versus a home with two kids who have a very limited vocabulary and understanding of environment around them.

I am a strong believer of structured learning as well as homeschooling, thus I am totally loving this phase of my life. Whether it be 2 kids or 20, the basic learning is always going to be same. Well, except for that in a classroom, students won’t take their teacher for granted the way your kids can take you for granted. But we teachers also have an upper edge when it comes to teaching our own kids. Like I can notice the strengths and shortcomings of my child in a way I can’t for my students, I might be more sensitive towards their learning needs and styles when they start schooling, if my child is struggling under the guidance of a teacher who might not be up to mark, I can make it up for them.

Although teaching is no rocket science and all mothers are best teachers for their kids in their early age, doing it with an edge is what I wish for my kids. So…… It’s time to put on the hat of a teacher and get into the Homeschooling mode to overcome this dilemma and amalgamate the mother and the teacher in me as one.

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  1. Yeah !! I sailed in same boat .. it’s really different way of teaching your kids vs classroom kids but yes methodology is same ..loved d post