I Have a Dream

Ever since I heard the speech “I have a dream” by Martin Luther King and read about his journey towards fulfilling his dream, I realized how important it is to dream. Dream – it gives you a purpose in life, a direction to move in, a reason for your existence. So here I am – a dreamer, a passionate one for that matter.

I dream to see happy faces all around me. I dream to play my role in making this world a happy and safe place for everyone. I dream for everyone to have an equal right to opportunities of education and employment.

I dream that some day all children would be receiving education. One day each one of us would be empowered enough to take our own decisions without any societal pressures.

We all talk about making world a better place for our children….. Let us make better children for this world, Shall we???

I am still a dreamer on an experiential journey to fulfill my dreams. So, let’s share the experiences along!!!!! Are you with me???

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13 Responses

  1. Dreamer.. u dream big and we ll follow it and ll do our best to let it come true..
    Its a cause people can only think to go for.. but you actually do it
    all d best

  2. Well written,.Shalu. We think alike. Coincidentally, few years back I wrote a poem on a similar idea. It is named ‘Eternal Dreamer’.

  3. Dreamer, Name is quiet cool

  4. Well said, how we back our children shapes up their thinking. A good read ?

  5. tucareers says:

    Just loved all that you have shared. We at Tucareers.com helping every individuals dream come true by giving the best career advice to them and making the right career decisions.
    Thanks for sharing.

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