Homeschooling – When to begin?

Before we get into when to homeschool, the first question we all need to answer for ourselves is – Why do I wish to homeschool my kids? We need to address ours and our kids’ need for homeschooling. Is my kid not able to enjoy or learn in a formal school? Will I be able to do justice to learning needs of my kid? Will I be able to give them the kind of exposure they usually get at a school? Would I be able to involve my whole family, their father and grandparents in the learning process?

Only once we are 100% sure of our reasons to homeschool our kids should we go about it. My reason for homeschooling my kids is I love teaching and doing experiencial, learning yet fun activities with my kids. I might not homeschool them throughout the school years, but I would love to do it as long as I am able to justify their learning needs.
So, let’s try to answer the big question. When can we begin Homeschooling!!!!

There is no official age to begin homeschooling. It totally depends on you and your child. Leaning can begin anytime your child is ready. A lot of people consider beginning schooling at home near to the age when formal schooling begins. Informal learning on the other hand begins much sooner than that.

Every time we point at an Apple and tell kids – see Apple… Apple… Say Apple…they are learning.

Every time we play a nursery rhyme and sing along with it, they are learning…

Every time we read them a story book and show them pictures, they are learning…

So, what’s the difference between learning and schooling?
A kid starts learning from the day he is born. He Learns to latch on, learns to explore his limbs, touch and feel things, explore the surrounding, learns to walk, to talk, to say mumma and dadda. He’s learning when he goes to the park, to the zoo, to a supermarket. He’s learning when he’s praying before having his meal, when he goes to a religious place. He’s learning when he celebrates a festival or observes a family ritual. Schooling, on the other hand is a more formal setup. It involves a lot of planning and organizing. It calls for scheduling activities and objectives that needs to be met – a customized need based curriculum to be precise.

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So, to answer the question “When should I begin homeschooling my child?”, the answer is – You have already begun! Keep going and keep it up. All you need is to be a little organized – that’s if you already are not!

Happy Teaching! Happy Learning! Happy Homeschooling!
Next blogpost – Prerequisites- Before the fun of Homeschooling begins. To be published on 1st July 2016.


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