Here’s why I love Dr. Seuss books!!!

While growing up I never had the privilege to get to know about this awesome children books author named Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel, or otherwise famously known as Dr. Seuss. The first time I got to know about him was when Shaheen Mistri -CEO of Teach for India (my alma mater) did a read aloud of “Oh! The places you’ll go!” during a training session I was attending. I was so mesmerized with the words. That particular moment I believed that I CAN move mountains and escape the waiting place and will un-slump myself and WILL go to great places. I still remember the effect that book had on me. It still has the same impact every time I read it when I need a lil push and motivation. Well, that’s when my journey of falling in love with Dr. Seuss books started. They are as much a treat for grown ups as they are for kids. So here are few reasons why Dr. Seuss books are great for anyone.

=> His books are great for learning and practicing phonics. They are an apt choice for beginners. All his books have repeating sounds and rhyming words which help the child reading them to master sounds and words. These skills are really important to be able to read fluently and later spell and write words.

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=> His books are great for developing interest in reading for kids who usually don’t like to read. His books are great fun to read for kids of any age (even grown ups). Stories like “The Sneetches” are fun for kids while books like “The Lorax” is interesting enough to lure grown ups to read more. The funny names of characters as well as oh so imaginative illustrations are a brilliant way of attract attention of readers.

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=> They make great read aloud books for teachers and parents too. When I used to teach in school, I loved reading Dr. Seuss books to my students. Now as a mother, I still love reading the same books to my toddlers. Wearing a red hat and reading “The Cat in the Hat” in funny voices is such fun for the reader as well.

=> Dr. Seuss books are a great gift for students of any age. Books like “On Beyond Zebra” for elementary school students to books like “Oh! The places you’ll go!” for even as grown as graduating college students, these books make a perfect gift for everyone.
=> The most important reason to love his books are the awesome life lessons that it teaches us. When I feel stuck in a situation, unable to move on, quotes and verses from his books become an inspiration for me so many times.

We all know life throws million of choices in our way and we are at times unable to choose. What to do???

You have brain in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose. 

You are on your own, and you know what you know.

YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go….

(From the book – Oh! The places you’ll go!)

Wish to teach equality to your students / kids

A person’s a person, no matter how small.

(From the book – Horton hears a who)

So you think you are old enough to learn anything new? Or you know all that’s to be known??

There’s NO LIMIT to how much you’ll know.

Depending how far Beyond ZEBRA you go!

(From the book – On Beyond Zebra)

And at last, want to teach the importance of family over material fun???

“May be Chistmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store… May be….. Chirstmas perhaps….. Means a little bit more!”

(From the book – Grinch who stole Christmas)

So, here was my  list of reasons why I love Dr. Seuss books…. What about you???

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  1. I am already liking ‘oh the places you’ll go!’. Thanks for the reco, I am buying the books. What is the right age to start these books?

  2. Isn’t oh the places u will go for much older kids? I love what have read of that book but it says 6 to 8 so was not sure !

  3. Really liked this one. Was any how looking for some good reads of D and came across this write up. Thanks for the recommendation shalu, will definitely put it on my cart now.

  4. N I followed dr Seuss after ur recommendation
    Kids love the books absolutely

  5. I have read a lot of books, but Dr. Seuss hasn’t been one. I hope to change that soon. ? I’ve read quotes, and watched Horton Hears a Who, and I find those inspiring too.

  6. Their whole parenting section is very informative. Definitely advise!

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