I am grateful to be a woman of 2017!

If I was a woman of 1300s, I could have been inspired by Rani Padmavati & her courage, but I doubt if I would have got to heard about her any time sooner.


If I was a woman of 1800s, I might have fought besides Rani Lakshmikbai, but I am not sure if I would have been exposed to warfare & weapon training the way she was.


I feel lucky that I am the woman of 2017 – Have so much inspiration around & so much access to information. So, what makes me grateful to be a woman of 2017? Well, here is a list of few things that are top most on my list.


  • I have access to gamut of information because of Internet. I remember my dad telling me about the time he was in his youth, to find a reference or any information, they had to go to the library, spend hours to look an information up & yet it was not guaranteed to find answer to your questions.
  • Today’s woman has a voice of her own. The have opinions, views and are not afraid to voice them. As a kid when I saw Pooja Bhatt’s poster saying “My Body, My Choice” I might have freaked out (Blame it on maturity level of a less than 10-year-old kid) but today when I hear Kangana Ranaut in a parody talking about how she is not getting equally paid “Coz I have vagina.” it provokes a thought & I can openly discuss & write about it.
  • I have access to better job opportunities than my parents even had, I am more likely to be paid equally well as a man and now I can avail 26 weeks of maternity leave (Not that I intend to (Rolling my eyes)) 
  • You don’t necessarily have to be a teacher, a nurse, a receptionist or a housewife in today’s time. You could be a YouTuber, a car mechanic, a cab driver, a business women, a micro finance expert or whatever is that you want to be.
  • I can go out on a vacation with friends leaving my husband & kids behind without being labelled or judged (well, by most people (rolling my eyes again))
  • Today’s woman can not be a good cook & still be the best wife, daughter, mother & daughter in law.


So, do you think you are lucky to be born in this age & era? If yes, Why? And if not, Why not?



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6 Responses

  1. Love your post. I totally feel blessed to be born in the Era where women are go getters and could explore the world around the way they wish to

  2. Shalu, you are so right and pointing out these basics that we take for granted. Thank you for sharing your thoughts ?

  3. Gagan Kochar says:

    Excellent!.. indeed we have taken so much for granted ??

  4. Totally agree with you. We are lucky to be born in this time and age. Thanks for sharing your views on this prompt.

  5. Totally agree ! Lucky to born in this era

  6. I completely agree with you Shalu. Often times my own mother questions my actions and way of life and all I can answer to her is why shouldn’t I if there are opportunities available these day. If I think of the previous generation, I think we are 1000 times luckier than them to live in this era

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