To Speak or Not To Speak! (Freedom of Speech)

FREEDOM OF SPEECH & EXPRESSIONS –  I was a young teenager when I was introduced to the concept of Social sciences, the Civic system of our country & related topics. I must say, I was fascinated as well as highly interested in reading as much as I can about it. And the best part is, my father used to make us watch the daily news, discuss political & social topics with me and my brother regularly and it was compulsory for us to read newspapers & take part in debates and quizzes. That further developed my curiosity & knowledge on the subject.

The term “Freedom of speech” back then for me meant that I am free to speak whatever comes to my mind & express myself freely without worrying about consequences because the constitution of my country permits me to do so. As I started to grow, I started to regularly express my thoughts, views & opinions through the medium of public speaking, articles, poetries & stories. I was also open to and part of a few public & peaceful demonstrations, marches, and protests the cause of which spoke to me!

But time and again I see and read about people going way out of line while expressing their opinions, defaming others, and doing so even without running a basic fact check. And not just regular people like me, even politicians, journalists, and people in the field of law & order freely & regularly do so. Does the freedom of speech and expression mean that we can say anything that comes to our mind without doing a fact check and without considering the legal implications of the same?

The sad thing is a lot of us don’t even know what are the constitutional rights & legal implications are when it comes to these rights. Sharing what we feel about a particular matter, expressing our opinions is absolutely important & necessary, but making sure that one comes from the place of logic and not just pure emotions, and checking the facts before making a statement – it is always a good idea!

We can all have our opinions and views on that matter, but what do people in the field of legal practice have to say about this?

Think before you speak, and think more before you speak ill, and think even more when you are speaking ill on social media. – Aastik Dhingra, 

Read about Freedom of Speech, the much talked about fundamental right in an article published in a leading  website Manupatra by Aastik Dhingra, Advocate with his independent practice in India HERE –

Do you agree with the views in the article? Or do you have a perspective that I should know about? Do let me know in the comments.

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32 Responses

  1. Aastik Dhingra says:

    With rights come duties as well. I am glad my article got your attention. Would love to know the views of others too.

  2. I completely agree with your perspective. Sometimes people don’t understand the proper meaning of freedom of speech and take undue advantage of this basic right. It is very informant to draw a line between using your right without being violated the rules, laws even other people’s sentiments.

    • The Dreamer Mum says:

      Exactly. It is always good to be aware and then present our views. Half knowledge on any subject – better don’t speak till you know the topic in depth.

  3. Shanthala says:

    The old saying “think before you ink” was probably tossed for this reason. From time immemorial we humans have been notorious for twisting and turning things to suit our own benefits. To this day, it stands true. People twist the meaning of literally anything they see and bend it to their own line of thoghts. I guess that plays a large role in people not wanting to think from a neutral prespective, before they starts speaking about something.

    • The Dreamer Mum says:

      How true. And especially in today’s world mostly influenced by social media, this is of utmost importance.

  4. Yes, I can’t agree more with you. In the name of freedom of speech the kid of words that people use, and try to create unrest is uncalled for and should not be entertained. Freedom of speech should not come in the way of another person’s freedom of life.

  5. Yes. Speaking without even checking facts is dangerous. The consequences could be irreparable. Sadly, many people don’t know that with freedom/rights there are a few duties to be followed too.

  6. Nice read Shalu. Couldn’t agree more with you. Freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. A lot of people tend to misuse this freedom without realising the consequences.

  7. Shweta says:

    So true! Speaking whatever comes to your mind without backing up with facts is sheer waste!

  8. Think before you ink was the motto thought to us in school and in today’s social media world this is holds true. We all must be aware of the kind of tone and chosing right words and person in the another place can read you only through words and emojis if you send any ill word or being playful you may be in trouble for that conversation. Checking facts is so important, hope people understand this even for forwarded messages.

  9. We all should know our Constitution rights but we should also understand it’s responsibility and duties one should always ‘Think before you speak’.

  10. I liked what the quote said. We need to think a thousand times over before speaking I’ll to anyone which I don’t think people do at all and speaking on social media is altogether a different issue. Freedom of speech is just a term but one cannot actually speak their heart or their mind openly.

  11. True. Some people actually exploit the right to free speech by just speaking what comes in to their mind with out knowing if it’s right or wrong or how does it affect the opposite person. I personally dislike the way media handles the right to speech by invading people’s privacy just to get the masala to increase their trp.

  12. Varsh says:

    Freedom of speech is often confused with the liberty to spread vile about others nowadays. I’m so happy to see how constructively you’ve been using your freedom of speech. Speak responsibly and truthfully, is all I can say too.

  13. Roma says:

    I totally agree with you on this buddy. It is a right we must exercise with full responsibility and caution at all times worthy post.

    • The Dreamer Mum says:

      Thanks for stopping by & reading. This topic, especially in this political scenario was something I had been meaning to write and share my views on.

  14. jhilmildsaha says:

    Freedom of speech..a right we all have acquired by birth and acvording to our constitution. However, here comes the main thing- how do we utilize this freedom? Are we being responsible enough in utilizing this freedom?

  15. I totallly agree.. speaking without knowing the facts can be really harmful.. I admire the fact how you have articulated your thoughts and penned it down with full responsibility

  16. I admire the fact how you have articulated your thoughts and penned it down with full responsibility … facts these days are topped with lots of masala mirch in the name of freedom which needs correction

  17. momtasticworld says:

    Freedom of speech and spewing hatred or stupidity are two different tangents all together, Give the availability of multiple social media platforms and its reach to the masses, it seems people have forgotten the lines 🙂

  18. When we talk of Freedom we should also talk about our duties. Both are two faces of the same coin. But in India, we remember only the rights we have. Basic civil duties too are ignored. The duty towards another human, towards the society and tot he country as a whole.If each one of us remember our duties the rights will fall in place. Especially, freedom of speech, doesn’t mean you just spew out anything. It means you have the right to talk about anything that is right by law or by society.

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