Freedom to choose a career – Applies to “YOU” as much as it does to Men!

Freedom to choose the work that you love

will lead to a life where you never have to ever WORK again in life!


Dear Fellow Women,


We are today’s women. Liberal, progressive, Independent & Ambitious – Right? We have the freedom to choose what we want to wear, what we want to eat, where we want to go etc. Yes, I am not questioning that. But does it come without any compromises?


Specially when it comes to our career. A lot of women do not get a choice when it comes to making a living, specially women who do not have a privilege of living a financially stable life. In most of these cases it’s not even a career, but a living. For one moment let’s even forget these cases.


Let us talk about the cases where women come from a stable financial backgrounds. Where career is not a necessity but a choice. But is it still a CHOICE in all those cases too? How many of us settle for the path most traveled – the safer option? I have seen a lot of my friends & relatives changing their careers post marriage or baby, just because some “Options” are “Safer” than the other ones. Teaching for one – a profession that defined the future of children, a nation, shouldn’t it be driven because of passion & love for teaching?  It should not be a choice because it’s safer to do so.



Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying these options are forced upon us. In a lot of cases we choose them, because our priorities probably change, or we have too much to handle, or sometimes because that’s what everyone else is doing. Let’s stop doing that! Let’s not compromise on our dreams & passions just because a relationship status changes or there is an addition in the family tree.


How many dads have to do that? Compromising on a career because the career they are passionate about would be mean less time for family?  I am sure there are few who would, but is it anything comparable to what is expected from women?


So choose the career that you would love to. Because tomorrow kids will grow up and become independent. In a few years you will not need to cook as many meals & clean as many rooms. But your love for what you always wanted to do & wanted to be, it will never die. Choose the road less traveled, the road you would love to travel.


Lets worry more about shattering glass ceilings instead of fitting into glass shoes, shall we?



The Dreamer Mum

Just Another Woman!



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25 Responses

  1. Ruchie says:

    I agree to ur point that yes priority does change and so we choose what best keeping family in mind… Nice article!!

  2. You nailed it, Shalu. World will become brighter if we women realize our strength and lead others in a positive way. Appreciate your efforts.

  3. This has to come in kind of all family members… Great post dear

  4. Snigdha says:

    Completely agree with your thought… Time will change and priority as well ,hence we should choose the work what we love to do… Great post…

  5. This subject is really close to my heart.. Especially now since I’m looking at getting back to work after a sabbatical to be with my kids early years. While people seem to talk about welcoming women, I have had to deal with totally insulting remarks about taking the break. Even had one person insist that I did “nothing” during the break and how can I expect to get back.. I’ve had to often remind people that I was not fired, nor was an underperformer but voluntarily took a break and have kept abreast with the market. We still have a long way to go as a society when it comes to accepting #Freedomofcareer when it comes to women

  6. Jiya B says:

    The Topic is intense. Its a debatable subject since my Mom’s time. But trust me I am ok sitting and working at home with my kids. And Yes its not forced upon us we are free to choose. I loved reading it. This post has womenhood “Jazba” thanks for sharing ? Jai Hind

  7. That’s true Freedom of choice should be ours… to pick a career or not also must be done without riding on a guilt trip. Nice take on prompt

  8. Anchal says:

    That is a beautiful post to moms. Loved your take on the prompt.

  9. alpanadeo says:

    You picked a sensitive yet necessary topic to write. And you nailed it. Women should have all the freedom to choose what they want to do. if a mother is upset or depressed just because she couldn’t do what she wanted to then the entire house can feel it. so better to know yourself, your passion and move in that direction.
    I understand that not everyone is that fortunate to work in their own terms and get equal family support and I feel sad about them but that’s not the end. “She” should always keep learning..

    Inspiring post!!

  10. Yes, it always happens with the girls that they have to do all the work with the will of others.Whether it’s a career or a dress.But girls should also have the freedom to choose their own career and clothes like boys. Very nice topic lovely write up

  11. Truly inspiring and I agree to all your points

  12. Nice article. I agree with all your points. There should be freedom of choice. beautiful post for moms too.

  13. I would agree to this post wholeheartedly. WHile women (often) do have the choice to choose their own careers, wonder how many men can support his.

  14. Thank you for writing this. I think somewhere down I needed someone to tell me this. I am saving this post to come back and read it again and again whenever I am doubting myself.

  15. Completely nailed it. Indeed we do have rights to choose our career and not just men. Why cant we decide which city we will stay after getting married or for that matter if we will shift to be in the city ur husband is.

  16. Loved reading this post. After with all that you say. Hope women gain some motivation to choose do what they always wanted to do.

  17. Aesha says:

    Moms need to make a choice many times. But if we consider it a sacrifice then it’s not the correct attitude as a mom and not good for the child or the family. Nice article. Moms need to make the choice only if she wants to make that choice.

  18. You Know, Shalu, I kind of agree as well as disagree with you. Even today, a llot of us are dependent on what our men choose for us – the kids, the husbnds, the fathers, the brothers – and we end up with little, or even NO control. I wish one day we live in a world, where the choice is completely ours!

  19. You have chosen a topic which is very close to my heart …I studied in a school where majority of girls were from business family and they were mentally prepared to be someones wife and while I would be back home and discuss with my mom she would tell me thats so backward …I was always confused about my choices as a teen obviously because of the peer…but growing up I realised how my choice to be independent and do things of my choice is so important..I am glad I chose a career of my choice and now when I will join back after a sabbatical I know I have done the best on both part personal and professional

  20. Career for a women is not forced but comes out of circumstances. A woman needs more support and strength from her family esp after marriage which is not so for men. If she gets the required support , she can soar high; if she doesn’t she might wither away.

  21. It’s so beautifully put up!! Love your perspective on it completely

  22. Geethica says:

    That happens a lot Shalu. When I completed my software designing course along with my graduation, my dad was like 9-5 jobs are not good.
    And I was left confused. Why am I studying if I can’t share my knowledge with the world.

  23. Loved your article Shalu. I completely agree with you on all points and I think not only career but also any choice should be made because of what we want to do rather than what we have to do.

    Also the times are changing teaching does not remain the only so called “safe” option for women and I hope many are realizing that ..

  24. A great line of thought indeed! We must make the choices which are right for us, and not let the current set of circumstances stop us.. guide us, yes, but not stop us.

  25. One of those things that can be said over and over again but will never be enough. Women need to understand this is a right and not a privilege. High Five, Shalu!

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