Freedom to choose the work that you love

will lead to a life where you never have to ever WORK again in life!


Dear Fellow Women,


We are today’s women. Liberal, progressive, Independent & Ambitious – Right? We have the freedom to choose what we want to wear, what we want to eat, where we want to go etc. Yes, I am not questioning that. But does it come without any compromises?


Specially when it comes to our career. A lot of women do not get a choice when it comes to making a living, specially women who do not have a privilege of living a financially stable life. In most of these cases it’s not even a career, but a living. For one moment let’s even forget these cases.


Let us talk about the cases where women come from a stable financial backgrounds. Where career is not a necessity but a choice. But is it still a CHOICE in all those cases too? How many of us settle for the path most traveled – the safer option? I have seen a lot of my friends & relatives changing their careers post marriage or baby, just because some “Options” are “Safer” than the other ones. Teaching for one – a profession that defined the future of children, a nation, shouldn’t it be driven because of passion & love for teaching?  It should not be a choice because it’s safer to do so.



Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying these options are forced upon us. In a lot of cases we choose them, because our priorities probably change, or we have too much to handle, or sometimes because that’s what everyone else is doing. Let’s stop doing that! Let’s not compromise on our dreams & passions just because a relationship status changes or there is an addition in the family tree.


How many dads have to do that? Compromising on a career because the career they are passionate about would be mean less time for family?  I am sure there are few who would, but is it anything comparable to what is expected from women?


So choose the career that you would love to. Because tomorrow kids will grow up and become independent. In a few years you will not need to cook as many meals & clean as many rooms. But your love for what you always wanted to do & wanted to be, it will never die. Choose the road less traveled, the road you would love to travel.


Lets worry more about shattering glass ceilings instead of fitting into glass shoes, shall we?



The Dreamer Mum

Just Another Woman!



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