Flintobox Activity Kit – Product Review

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Early Learning & Education being the core of my profession, I am a always in favor of age appropriate experiential learning activities that help a child’s development.


So what is Flintobox? And how does it as a concept help kids? 


Flintobox as a business started 4 years back. It’s a subscription based box that offers experiential activities for kids from 2 years till 12 years of age. Experiential learning, i.e. learning from reflection or doing is far more effective & recommended for kids as compared to methods like rote learning or paper pencil method. It offers kids more creativity & an exposure to age appropriate skills & knowledge in a fun way. It has been designed in a way to keep kids engaged in a constructive way & make them independent thinkers & transfer the onus from “The parents teaching” to “The kids learning”.


So, What’s inside the Flintobox? 


Watch the Unboxing Teaser for this box in the link below.




Each box contains a tracking sheet. This tracking sheet helps parents to keep a track of what activities have already mastered by the kid & which ones are still pending. This sheet also contains a list of frequently used words. As each Flintobox has a monthly theme, the words help kids build a vocabulary by learning new words related to that theme.



Each box also contains a story book. The story book again is matched to the monthly theme. The text in the boon is less as compared to the bigger pictures. This helps younger kids to understand the story even without a print awareness of not having a developed reading skill. This also helps kids form their own stories & develop their imagination.



There are 3 – 5 activities that come inside Flintobox each month. These activities are again based on the age appropriate learning skills for kids & on the monthly theme. The label over these bags will tell you what skills will kids be learning or developing through this particular activity, how much time in a day will this activity keep the kid occupied and how much parent’s involvement is needed to discuss & explain the activity to kids.



Each activity bag has a guideline booklet for parents too. This booklet helps parents to know how the activities can be used to develop certain skills, what additionally can be discussed with kids while doing the activities etc. It also has a tracking sheet for parents to see where on those particular skill their child falls & does he need more practice or can move on to next set of skills?

The Dreamer Mum’s Rating


I would give Flintobox a 4.5 out of 5 rating. The quality of their material & great & the activities are very well thought off. The variety of themes offered are also wide and no 2 activities are ever repeated over the period of whole year. I would recommend Flintobox Activity box to parents who want to keep their children engaged in fun & learning.



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  2. Wow this looks like a great app for growing kids. I just love the concept of this creative app for little ones. Would love to subscribe for my both kids. Your review is very helpful. #minsreads #myfriendalexa

    • This is not an app Minakshi. It’s an activity box that we need to subscribe to and every month the box with different activities on a theme reaches us.

  3. Flintobox is really amazing learning kit to try for kids, full of new and advance learning kits.
    I get one for my 1-2 years baby, but now i want to buy other one for 3-4 years kids, but can you please tell me is it really good?