This article is a piece if fiction written by the GOT (Game of Thrones) fan in me, dedicated to all the GOT fans out there.


When I was a young girl – a school girl who had just discovered her love for reading, I remember reading Alice in Wonderland & thinking to myself, ” What fun it would be if someday I realize I am in a strange & unknown place all by myself just like Alice” Little did I know someday this dream will come true.


It’s not long back that this happened. Before catching up on Season 7, I decided to binge watch all past seasons within a week to have a better context & memory while watching season 7. I had reached till season 5 while I slept off watching the episode. There was a lot of noise that was disturbing my sleep. Where was this noise coming from? I was all alone sleeping on my bed and the TV was off, then why so much noise? I opened my eyes to look around & I was astonished!!! I was sleeping on the foot of The Great Sept of Baelor!!! How was this possible? Was I dreaming? Or has my brain gone crazy watching the GOT series almost all day?


The Great Sept of Baelor 


I closed my eyes to go back to sleep so that it it’s a dream it can end. But the noise didn’t fade away. I pinched myself hard enough to dig my nails into the skin, but I was still there! So, it was not a dream. I don’t know what lord – lord of Entertainment or lord or dreams or someone else, but someone did grant me a wish of spending a little time in the King’s Landing & getting to know the place better. Here was my opportunity to have a first hand experience to know what the Sept, the Castle and the people looked like.


But wait, why is the Sept here? Wasn’t it recently destroyed by Cersie? I tried to ask people around, but no one seemed to notice me. I saw Lancel around & tried to go and talk to him. I kept calling his name, tapping him on his shoulder only to realize he wasn’t able to see, listen or feel me. And what is this cloak I was wearing? Wait, what? Was this the cloak of invisibility. What’s happening? Why is my life suddenly a work of fiction – and so fascinating. I am at the King’s Landing, time traveled back in time & I am wearing the cloak of invisibility.  I was for that brief moment feeling so powerful. I had the power to be anywhere in King’s Landing, listen n see all the secret conversations while no one getting to know about it.



I decided to make best use of this opportunity & head straight to the castle & get to know the character I admire the most – Jamie Lannister. Luckily I was invisible & that was not at all tough. Somehow I had a feeling that Jamie would be with Cersie, so I started towards the chamber of Cersie. And of course, there they were – True to their characters, Cersie was sitting on a chair sipping wine while Jamie was standing next to her looking at this lady in amazement.


“I don’t know why I even love you. You are so full of hatred Cersie.” said Jamie. I could see the pain in his eyes when he said this. There is nothing more painful that loving the wrong person but unable to do something about it, isn’t it?


“The love that I have for you, father and my children, I think that’s sufficient enough to ignore my hatred for rest of the world. Besides, since when did you start to care about the outside world Jamie?”


“Yes, I do care. Father has spent a lifetime building a reputation & fear of The House Lannister. And I have dedicated my life, set aside everything I love for that reputation. And the hatred that you carry, dont you think it’s a shame for father & our house? People talk and it does matter to me.”


I never thought Jamie cared about a reputation. People have been calling him The King-slayer and been talking about him & Cersie behind their backs & it never seemed to bother him. But well, a man is his real self when he is behind the closed doors & with his loved ones. I, with all my interest kept listening to Jamie talk to his sister.


“I love you and you know that. Loving you is the first thing I remember doing & will be the last too. But people have started to talk about us. They think the ‘Arrangement’ we have between us, it’s not love but just a way to ensure that the crown passes from the Baratheon blood line to the Lannister blood line. Our children are not a product of love but of the greed for power & reign”


“I don’t care about what people think or talk Jamie. I know I love you & I know that you love me. If the reward for this love is the crown, then so it be. So decide, and decide now, do you care about people and my hatred towards them? Or do you care about me and my love for you & our children? If it’s us you choose, we can rule the world together. And then you decide whether you want to love those outsiders or not. But for now, your love is for me and only for me”


Well, if I was Jamie, I would have just kissed Cersie, no matter how evil this women was. Things we do for love. And that’s what Jamie did too. They broke into a passionate kiss & I knew its time for me to leave. But where do I go next. I wanted to see Arya next, so I started to look for her.


What happened next? Was it a dream and I woke up from it? Or was I really there? Did I ever come back from this virtual world back to my life, my family? Or did I get caught & beheaded somewhere down the line? To know what happens next, keep reading! More to follow soon.



Watch one of my Favorite scene from GOT – Game of Thrones series – The Battle of Bastards HERE (Click for direct link)

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