Red Flags – Development Delay in Infants and Toddlers

I have heard all parents always say “Never compare your child”. I would say compare them. Compare them to all other kids their age. Compare them to their siblings & their friends in park. Compare them to their classmates. Compare them to make sure their development is at par with any other average kid around. Comparison is a good thing as long as it’s a silent & positive comparison. When comparison is done show off how your child is better than other kids or makes some other parent upset or concerned, of course then the comparison is not a positive one & should be avoided.

Comparison is important to know if there is any red flag in development of your child. If you feel your child behaves or catches up to some skills differently as compared to other kids his age, taking an action is important. It might be nothing, but if it is something, then why to ignore it, right?  The sooner any intervention begins, the better it is for child to be able to catch up with the missed milestones. So here is a list of red flags that shouldn’t be ignored.

For a One year old

  • Doesn’t Crawl
  • Can’t stand when supported
  • Doesn’t search for things that he sees you hiding.
  • Doesn’t say single words like Mama Dada etc.
  • Can’t imitate gestures like waving, shaking head etc.
  • Doesn’t point at things.
  • Loses skills he once learned

For a Two year Old

  • Can’t use 2 word phrases
  • Doesn’t know what to do with common things like fork, brush, spoon etc.
  • Doesn’t show interest in copying words or actions.
  • Can’t follow simple instructions like sit down, clap your hands etc.
  • Still can’t walk steadily.
  • Loses skills he once learned.

For a Three year old

  • Falls a lot or has trouble with stairs.
  • Drools or has unclear speech.
  • Unable to deal with toys like blocks, simple puzzles, peg boards etc.
  • Doesn’t speak in sentences or understand simple instructions.
  • Doesn’t pretend play or Make Believe play.
  • Doesn’t show interest in showing with other children or with toys.
  • Doesn’t make an eye contact.
  • Loses skills he once learned.

(Ref. CDC Guidelines)

If you feel you child has any of these red flags, take them to a development pediatrician & let them assess the situation. It might be just nothing, but its always better to be safe than being sorry later.


Please Note – This article was originally written for ProEves. For more such informative articles from pregnancy to preschooler age, please visit their website


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