Dear Men – Here’s my women’s day gift to you!

It’s Women’s day again!!! Hurray!!!

This year again I would probably receive a card from my husband & daughters, which is a cute gesture. And then there would be a surge of messages on WhatsApp & Facebook wishing me & letting me know how lucky I am that I was born as a woman. Messages about how privileged the fairer sex is.


Sure, I feel more than just privileged at times. Times when I am shit scared to walk on streets after dark with the fear of getting eve teased. Or times when I have to spend a bomb on a sports inner just so that I don’t look funny or awkward at the gym.


So here, this Women’s day, take the privileges I enjoy as a gift from me. Take them… And Enjoi!!!


I am sure you would love to attend family functions loaded with jewelry and clothes that make you sweat like a pig. Now that’s a privilege I would gift you, to begin with. Go ahead, socialize with a room full of aunties while you look like someone out of a TV serial. Won’t that be fun!


And don’t even get me started on the kitchen fun. No no, I do not mean cook those boring elaborate meals once in a while. I mean the fun of making perfect round & fluffed chapatis for the whole family twice every day. That’s something I would not want to give away, but I feel a little generous, so take that too!


What about kids?? Oh, I love my kids. I love their smelly poops and stinky  butts to moon & back. I love the mess they create while they eat & the way their room looks after they are done playing. It is so much fun spending hours everyday cleaning & organizing stuff. Such a privilege!  I would not give that up for all the riches in the world. But for a change, I would give that too to you.


Aah, I would give you the privilege to have to hold your farts & pee in for hours, the privilege of having your genitals bleed every month.


And what about the privilege of getting yourself waxed. Oooo, now that’s to die for!


But there are few privileges I would never give up O men! Those few that I think I enjoy the most.


The privilege of being pregnant & giving birth to children. I loved every moment of that phase and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the whole world. The privilege of walking into a new family, a new house & making it a home. The privilege of having two sets of parents & two sets of families.


I would never give up the privilege of being able to gossip & be a drama queen. The privilege to feel different when I flaunt my tattoos or ride a bike. The privilege of being taken extra care of when vulnerable. Now that’s the actual privilege of being a woman, isn’t it?


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I would take privilege in Thanking Anubhuti for introducing me in her blog. Visit her website – Cries n Laughters & read here awesome articles, which I love to read HERE.

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  1. Awesome Shalu !! I would not trade the pleasure of having two families to call my own too and certainly the privilege to give birth. Oh yes i would certainly trade kitchen duties . It was so much fun reading your post & writing on this too.

  2. I can give the privilege of being pregnent, along with moodswings and body change and labour pain. Men should enjoy them too…
    I certainly enjoyed imagining your writeup.

  3. Awesome Shalu! The privilege of getting yourself waxed, why not! While we sit tight and get our hair uprooted, the men in our life don’t even notice that! That’s the worst part!

  4. I feel like taking a print out of this article and handing it over to my hubby… That way I know he will read it for sure… Awesome post Shalu!

  5. As much as I love being a woman I could give the job of making perfect round rotis and having to clean the poppy diapers over to the man of the house anyday. A good and fun read???