Dads – No less than moms

Gone are the days when the Gender roles were predefined & the responsibilities of upbringing & being a primary caregiver for a child were solely or at least majorly upon the shoulders of mommies.



Today’s dads are as hands-on & as reliable as any mom would ever be. I remember when my kids were born, my husband suddenly turned into a Ninja from the lazy ass he otherwise is. And it still is the same. When it comes to any other chores, he is a couch potato, but luckily when it comes to my Milie & Buddy, he is always ready to be on his toes – Teaching them how to ride a bicycle, helping them learn names of all those animals & fruits & veggies & what not! From changing diapers to getting them dressed for school, from burping to cleaning puke, from singing them a lullaby to put them to sleep to preparing their meals when I am away – he has done it all when needed! And happily so!


So here, dedicating this article to all the super daddies out there! Happy Father’s Day to all the super dads!


Namrata’s dedication to her Husband Vimal in her words


My Husband has been my pillar of strength and support in managing my twins. He was available full time to the kids during the entire NICU stay and at least 2+ months after they were home. He has done anything that a mother would do to make sure that they are doing well. He is an expert in getting the babies to burp. The minute he is home from work, kids just jump on him and do not leave him till they sleep. He helps me with feeding them, changing them, putting them to sleep. You name it and he is there for all the activities. He spends almost all of his free time with them, taking them out, buying stuff for them, playing with them. I am sure when they grow up they will themselves tell ” I love you daddy” and “my daddy strongest”. Till then I will say the same on their behalf. Lucky to be your wife. Thank you & Love you  Vimal


Teju’s dedication to her Husband Monil in her words



“How you manage TWO kids with a job, we get tired with a single child only??”
I smiled and said, “It’s all possible because of Monil, who shares equal responsibility of raising kids with me.” I am proud of him. Right from feeding kids, make them bath, take care of all hygiene, doctor appointment, horrible sleepless nights since they are born and still continuing full-time job next day, he is an awesome father to our daughters.
He is so quick that he makes milk for them at 3 AM within a minute while both just want mamma, cry out of lungs for milk but don’t allow me to go to the kitchen and make milk for them. Those worst nights when both kids were down with 103 fever at 2 AM and in such panic situation, I could not imagine even a single minute without him. When I ask him what you love most as a father, he said “when both walk towards you and gives that super soothing hug with a smile….it’s not explainable. I feel really lucky at that time.” he always makes sure that both kids are getting equal attention, love, and care. He is a very protective and an amazing Father!
We love you Papa!!
Iira’s dedication to her Husband Ankit in her words
I have always known that my husband would be a great father and he has proven me right all along. Since the day my baby existed, he has taken care of us as a petal of a flower. Once he told me It upsets me that nature has not provided me means to handle our baby completely. If only I could also breastfeed him. Yes, it sounds funny and at that moment I was feeling like Obama who has power like nobody else but I could feel his intense love for our son.
We have faced so much tough time in these two years.  First my high-risk pregnancy,  premature delivery and then recently I lost my father in law. But in all these tough times he has been my rock. When he lost his father, he was so busy that he could not talk to us for a day. He came to me at 4 in the morning and said: “I am so sorry I was not able to help you with the baby”. I can’t express what those words meant to me. I thought in this toughest time of his life he was still managing to think about us. I am so grateful to God that he has blessed us with such a gem. This is his first father’s day and I will make sure our son will give him happiest father’s day in coming years.

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