Today when I look at my daughters – almost three years old, talking like grown-ups, I tend to forget all the difficult times I have gone through to bring them in this world. I remember when I was pregnant and was once so stressed & depressed about all the risks & difficulties that I had gone through to conceive and sustain the pregnancy and my gynecologist told me – “Once your kids are in your arms, you will not even remember these difficult days at all.”


She was absolutely right. I never look back at my pregnancy days in a sad depressed way now. But I would still like to talk about those days to new moms to be to caution them about some of the difficulties that could have been avoided which I didn’t about back then and suffered a lot.


I was carrying twins, thus along with other complications that Twin Pregnancy brings along, I was also suffering from Oligohydramnios or more commonly known as Low Amniotic Fluid during pregnancy. My AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index was constantly low ever since the 12th week of pregnancy. This, if untreated, could have resulted in low birth weight for my twins. With a twin pregnancy, the chances of birth weight going beyond 2 KGs is anyways a big challenge, with this condition it could have been worse. Thus my radiologist & gynecologist were always cautious about it.


What was done to treat my condition


  • I had to increase my water intake to multiple folds. I was asked to keep sipping drinking water throughout the day to keep myself hydrated.
  • I was hospitalized twice during the pregnancy, once during 24 weeks and once during 30 weeks for hydration. Fluids to improve my Amniotic Fluids were injected intra-venous for 2 days at a time to help my condition get better.
  • I was given a powder called Arg9 to mix with water and consume twice a day. This further helped in hydrating me and increasing the Amniotic Fluids.


With the help of constant monitoring and all the above-mentioned methods, I was able to sustain my pregnancy till 34 weeks, post which my AFI started to decrease again resulting into an early labor situation. I had a cesarean section delivery in the 35th week and my daughters were born weighing 1.9 KGs and 2.1 KGs.


Today when I read the success stories of moms who overcame these conditions and were able to have a vaginal delivery and about places like Sitaram Bhartia Hospital who are cautious from the very beginning and focus on healthy & happy mom & childbirth experience, I feel happy that moms have such options & hospitals that believes not only in good maternal health but also believes in educating them early on to be able to make informed decisions.