Coming out of my closet


It was time for Vishal to go back to the real world. He had decided to tell his dad that he loves Ankit and that they wanted to spend their lives together.

Vishal didn’t know how will his dad react. Will he accept his sexual preference? Will he beat him to death? Will he take him to some psychiatrist? He couldn’t anticipate what was to follow as these kinds of discussions had never been a part of their family room discussions. He knew his dad is although not very progressive & open-minded, but have always supported him & his decisions with an open heart.

“I am not a kind of person who would kill himself just because life gets tough. Stop worrying about me please,” he told Ankit over the call. He knew Ankit was also worried sick as suddenly Vishal took off for Goa without informing anyone. But Ankit knew Vishal needed to clear his head & gain some courage before he could talk to his dad about their relationship.

“No matter what the world says about me, how much ever they judge me, abuse me, reject me or shame me, my love for Ankit is eternal & I am what I am,” he thought to himself. He walked on the wet cool sand barefoot for a while to soothe his soul. He knew life ahead is tough, but this is the path he needs to walk on – for himself, for his love, for his peace!

He was finally ready to go back to Allahabad & talk to his dad!

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  1. Smoothing flow in a rough vicinity! It’s a impacting craft to imbibe something such deep in simple words. Wish it was a little longer, but I understand how it would have broken the flow; like a coffee gone cold before its time.

  2. life is tough and it is really important to stand hard for yourself in such tough phases, this is the only way to win over life. Great piece of writing.

  3. Well written Shalu. I can almost feel all the questions and doubts he must be going through and then his mind clearing up as he walked on the sand. I hope there is a next part to this. I would really want to know how it went with his family.

  4. Love is beautiful, if two persons who love each other and want to live together then what is the problem there? Why they have to deal with such insane things? Why the society will abuse them? After all they love each other that is imp not their gender.Loved your post dear.

  5. I am waiting eagerly to know what happens next. This is a very well written piece with so much of emotional asoect.

  6. Love knows no boundaries. It’s the society which has set some rules or norms. Such decisions are not easy. But one who make them and live with them inspire of all odds is the hero.

  7. Now I am eager to know his father’s reaction. You are right these decisions are not easy. But one thing is sure they should go with their instinct. That will be good for all.

  8. Will be waiting to find out what happens next. Its a scenario very commonly faced by individuals when they actually want to come out. I wish our society was more open.