There has been an ongoing debate about co-sleeping and whether it’s better than letting the kids independently sleep in a crib or their own bed! My daughters are 4 and a half years old now & we have been co-sleeping since day 1. I am a strong advocate of co-sleeping.

The first advice that every mom receives is usually – “Sleep while your baby sleeps.” A mother’s sleep goes for a toss as soon as the baby arrives, sometimes even before that, thus sleeping is a very important part of a healthy mom and baby schedules. But the biggest question that arises is whether to make the baby sleep in a crib, on a bed, with mom or separate etc?

In recent years a lot of experts have been emphasizing on a safe co-sleeping arrangement. Co-sleeping the in simple terms means baby and parents sleep in close proximity, either on the same bed or in the same room in different beds. In this article let us focus on the benefits when the baby & parents sleep in the same bed. 

  • Every time the baby gets up, parents do not have to get up from the bed. This ensures better sleep and less exhaustion for parents too.
  • Babies who sleep with a parent have more stable body temperatures, blood pressure & heart rhythm which is important during the initial growth months.
  • Research says that the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) reduces to half if the baby is sleeping either on the same bad or in the same room as parents.
  • There are decreased chances of separation anxiety & nightmares in case of babies who co-sleep with their parents. In the longer run, it also leads to more confident & independent kids.
  • Babies who co-sleep with parents are emotionally more stable & secure in the long run.
  • Babies who co-sleep get to sleep better too as the parents can immediately feed and soothe the baby back to sleep before the baby is completely up.
  • Co-sleeping helps in forming a schedule & a day vs night time patterns in babies. 
  • It also saves the cost of having separate beds, separate room & other utility costs for the parents.
  • On an emotional side, it is a great feeling for a parent to wake up next to a sleeping baby and the pleasure of waking them up with smiles & cuddles.