Selecting a right course and right career post school can be a daunting task for students, specially because of the plethora of courses available. A lot of times the decision comes from what our elders expect from us, sometimes the decision is driven by our own passion while a few other times it’s driven by what are the area & subject that we are strong in.


So it may happen sometimes that a doctor’s daughter will apply for medical even if her passion lies in painting. A potential musician might want to apply for an engineering course as he is really strong in Mathematics & that’s a logical choice to make. And well, in few lucky cases a person really good with words takes up a literature course because the dream is to become a screenplay writer & work on their writing skills.


Whatever the choice & decision is, it should not be a choice just because it’s the safest or the most obvious one. So what are the factors that should be considered??


  • There are come career choices that boom for a phase & then fade off after a while. It might not be a wise decision to opt for those just because everyone else is. Well, unless you are actually passionate about the career & are confident that you can make it work for you!
  • Some degrees & courses are really demanding & stressful. Are you capable of handling that kind of stress? It should not lead to a situation that education becomes burden & leads to depression rather than happiness.
  • Does your (or your family’s) financial condition allow you to choose a particular course. This is not to say that you should not opt for a degree that has high financial implications, but be financially prepared or aware on different options for Student Loan available that might suit you better.
  • Most importantly, does your passion lie in this career choice? Because if not, it will very boring & dull to do something 8 – 12 hours everyday for the rest of your life. Isn’t it??

In recent years a lot of students opt for non conventional career choices such as performing arts, creative arts etc. This doesn’t mean the conventional choices such as becoming a Doctor,Banker,  Lawyer or Engineer has lost it’s charm. There still are a lot of students who want to opt for these career choices not because it’s their parent’s wish but because it’s their passion & wish.


Needless to say, any career course calls for hard work & dedication.  So here are some resources to help you make the choice & then achieve it.


Websites like Career Smart provide online services such as Career InformationCareer Guidance workshops.  If you are still not sure what career is best for you, services by Mindler can help you.


If you are inclined towards CAT or MBA exam preparations, online coaching services or websites like Handa ka Funda can help you with that.