It was a little hot, but Kunal & Priya had no other choice. They had to travel all the way from bus-stop to their home on their bicycle. Yes, it was all romantic too! Priya was sitting on the front bar of the old rugged bicycle while Kunal was effortlessly pushing the pedals. He sensed that his bride for a few months, this beautiful innocent girl was very uncomfortable in her saree in the scorching heat of May. All he wanted at that moment was to make her smile.


“Do you want to eat something?”, he asked.

“Chocolate?? Can you buy me a chocolate?”, she requested!!

“Uh Huh! Chocolate? OK!”

He stopped his bicycle near a small grocery store &  bought a small chocolate bar which they shared and enjoyed eating while looking into each other’s eyes. It was still very hot & Kunal couldn’t understand what to do?



“I bet you can not spell chocolate, can you?”

“Acha ji, how are you so sure?”

“Try it. If you do it successfully, I owe you 5 Rs.”

“Ajee rehne do, I don’t think you will give me the 5 Rs even if I do spell it correctly?” Priya started to tease Kunal

“I won’t need to!” Kunal was teasing her back

“C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E, am I right?”

“Whoa, What?”

“Am I right or not?”

“Yes, you are.” Kunal couldn’t contain his excitement.

“Chalo, Give me my 5 Rs now.” Priya extended her palm out.

“I don’t have 5Rs right now, but I will soon give it to you.”

Every time Priya, Kunal, and their children had chocolate, Priya always reminded Kunal that he still owes her those 5 bucks, but Kunal never pays but just smiles & says, “I will give it to you baba, have patience.”

It’s been 38 years since this incident. Kunal will never pay up and Priya will never stop teasing him.



P.S. – This story is inspired by & is a creative depiction of love & life of my parents Kamal & Parveen!


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  1. such a cute story about how a husband tries to bring a smile on wifes’ face. I think he doesnt want to return money so that the memories remain fresh in their minds.

  2. Wow! Lovely,simple and such a romantic story in it’s own way.Reminds us all of how we must appreciate every little things in life that keeps our relationship strong and growing.Beautifully written.

  3. Haha.. such a cute story. My mom once said love becomes mature and forever when you have your own little stories to tell. You story reminded me of that.