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Talking to young girls about Puberty

We all pay emphasis on talking to our toddlers & preschoolers about good & bad touch, but when it comes to talking about sex, puberty & menstruation, we shy away from talking. This article will give you a starting point on how to talk to your girls about puberty & menstrual cycle.


Adoption over Pregnancy – A whole new breed of parents!!!

In recent years as science has progressed, People who are struggling with conception have a lot of options – IUI, IVF, Donated eggs & sperms & a lot other Assisted Reproductive Treatments, Surrogacy etc.

But there are a lot of parents who are going a step ahead & adopting kids. This blog is dedicated to such parents – A Whole New Breed of “Heart Parents”


The Post Partum Devil

“We are not rich people dear. We are not even middle class for that matter. How can we afford a full time maid or nanny? You will have to manage kids on your own....